Quick n’ Lovely Review: LUSH’s Mask of Magnaminty

Hello Lovlies!

I just wanted to do a quick review of my new boyfriend. His name is Mask. Mask of Magnaminty. We met in this overwhelmingly potent smelling store called LUSH.


Anyways…back to reality.

“Mask of Magnaminty isn’t technically a daily ‘facial wash’; it’s actually a deep cleansing face and back mask. China clay and fresh peppermint reach deep down to pull the debris from your pores, giving you that delightful tingly-clean sensation. We add loads of aduki beans to exfoliate flaky or dry skin, vanilla absolute to calm redness and honey to soothe. Our inventors created Mask of Magnaminty to be the ‘ultimate face mask’, intense but not harsh or abrasive on the skin. We recommend using Mask of Magnaminty weekly to keep the skin in good condition.”  – LUSH website

Umm…If I could eat this stuff, I would. It smells unreal. I wish I could buy candles in the same fresh, pepperminty scent.

This mask is the perfect green colour. You always see girls in movies and TV shows with green masks, but the rest of mine are black. I guess I finally found the perfect stereotypical mask!


Feel (first of all, I’d like to mention up front that I have VERY sensitive skin. I have had multiple instances of breaking out in allergic reactions from products):
Upon application, the mask feels nice and cold and I can feel it calming down my trouble spots immediately. (I keep mine in the fridge for some added coolness). After a couple of minutes it starts to feel a bit tingly, but not in a bad way. I leave it on for a bit longer than listed – about 15 minutes, because I love how it feels!


The mask is a bit annoying to rinse off, but I get all decent ones are! My skin feels soft and I can instantly tell a difference in how much less oil is visible which is great. After the first couple of times using it (I’ve been using it as a spot treatment mostly), my skin did break out a bit the following day, but I can only assume thats from the mask pulling all the yummy gunk to the surface. The following day and ever since, those patches have been smooth and clear.


I’m in love with this mask, and will absolutely repurchase. I’m so glad I finally tried it out after seeing it everywhere- and I think after this experience I’m more eager to try out some more LUSH skincare products. I’d love to hear your suggestions!

What’s your favourite LUSH product, or which ones are you dying to try?




The Pretty Lovely Liebster Award Part II

Hey everyone,

We are so very lucky! The lovely Charlotte of A Little Touch of Charlotte has nominated us for our second Liebster award. See our first post here if you’d like to see the questions and answers from Aurélie Blondin‘s nomination and learn about the Liebster award.


1. Which beauty or make up brand would you really love to try?
T: Soap and Glory, V raves about it. Can’t believe I haven’t tried it yet!
V: I really want to try Inglot – everytime I see peoples palettes in their videos my heart gets heavy!
2. What is  your all time favourite beauty product?
T: Oh my… can I say my Real Technique brushes? Those or my Marcelle Cream Blush in Coral (Comes up a lot for me doesn’t it?)
V: RT Brushes, for the win. Changed the way I was able to apply my makeup (and my wallet liked it as well)
3. What do you think the best thing about blogging is?
T: Everything! I just love it, taking photos, writing, putting it all together, getting feedback, connecting with others. Love it all.
V: Getting to add my opinions into the melting pot of the beauty community.
4. Do you have a favourite place? If so where is it?
T: Oh, hard question! My imagination… 🙂
V: So far…it has to be the Lampang Elephant Conservation Centre in Lampang, Thailand. Spent Christmas day there last year, and it was the most magical place.
5. Who do you admire?
T: My brother. I’ve watched him take quite the journey of self discovery. He seriously inspires me.
V: My sister. Her strength, ability to get what she wants. Always knows what to say when needed.
6. If you could give one piece of advice to your 5-years-ago self what would it be?
T: Be persistent with the things you love and tell mom and dad they HAVE to push you to pursue your dreams.
V: Don’t stop doing what you love. Tell the ones you love more often how much you do.
7. Do you prefer a dramatic lip or a dramatic eye?
T: Right now definitely a dramatic lip. I feel like my eyes are a weird shape and I’m still trying to master them.
V: Eyes, for sure.
8. How do you treat yourself after a long day?
T: A snuggle with my cat, a hot bath and a cup of tea or a glass of red wine.
V: Red Wine, bubble bath, listening to the record of choice for the evening (I’m about to do such right now!)9. What is your favourite thing about yourself?
V: My inability to ever be satisfied, to ever settle.
T: My ability to still be a child while being a grown woman.
10. What is the thing that you have done that you are most proud of?
V: Standing up for what I think is right, for what I believe in. It has taken me a long time to build such confidence, but it has been life changing. 
T: My ability to choose to fight. I’ve learned I can be very courageous in the face of adversity… but it didn’t start out that way.
11. What is your favourite make-up brand that isn’t quite as well known?
T: I’ve really been enjoying the Canadian brand Vasanti! (They could totally be well known, but I just found out about them!)
V: Hmmm….I must say I don’t think I’ve really ever used a brand that isn’t very well known!liebster-award1
Right, now for the nominations! We nominate the following blogs, who have to answer our questions below and nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers!

Tanya from Simply Steadman
Caitlin from Blogging Through The Mirror
Alannah from Life of Alannah – Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle
Steph Ellis from Steph Ellis
Annie from Hello Purple Clouds
Catherine from Catherine Alice vs Life
Rachel from Painted Veil Beauty
everybodywhy (sisters)
Edie’s Trust Fund
Lauren Birch from Birch Beauty
Victoria from Victress

The questions we want you lovely people to answer are:

1. If you could buy an entire store, which one would it be?
2. If I were to give you a plane ticket to anywhere, money aside, where would you go right this second?
3. What beauty product absolutely has to be in your bag all the time?
4. What beauty product is your favourite right now?
5. What beauty product did everyone else LOVE but you didn’t?
6. If you could have any celebrity as your best friend who would it be?
7. What is one beauty product that you wish would come back/you stocked up on before it disappeared?
8. Bold lips, or sultry eyes?
9. If you could own one beauty brand, which would it be?
10. How old were you when you began your beauty obsession?
11. Drugstore foundation or high end?

A big HUGE thanks the Charlotte, you’re so lovely and sweet! 🙂

Stay lovely,

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Shoppers Haul Part II

Hey everyone!

As promised here is the second part of my Shoppers haul. I went again over the weekend (I had to get the Rimmel bronzer V was gushing about) so I added the couple of things from that visit as well! I had a lot of fun taking these photos, so enjoy!

First up is some lip service. One thing you will surely come to notice is I am a SUCKER for all things lip related. Gloss, crayon, balm, lipstick, you name it and I’ll gush.

Revlon Colorburst matte in Elusive – Funny enough I got this on a whim, I had NO idea how big it was or that it was new. But so glad I got it. I LOVE it.
Annabelle Lipstick Crayon in Bubble (can you tell I like pink?) – A tad chalky, but the colour is awesome, you’ll see swatches in the future for sure.
Quo lipsticks in 3 and 6 – Got these for my Canadian series.
Vasanti tinted lipbalm in Cancun – LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. The colour, the feel, LOVE.

I was in some serious need of lip liners (I know I claim to love all things lip, but my makeup collection is missing out). So I went for a pink and a nude.

Lise Watier Waterproof Lip Crayon in Soft Coral – I have to say I am a little disappointed, its hard to see on my lips and therefore hard to create a good liner base.
Revlon Lipliner in Nude – Again disappointed, its SUPER dark for a nude, in my opinion.

Anyone have any advice for lip liners?

I had to try Babyskin because EVERYONE is raving about it. Hydraluron is a LIFESAVER for my dry skin, big thanks to V for telling me about it.

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser – Well… unfortunately I am disappointed. I didn’t even notice ANYTHING different about my skin. And my makeup didn’t stay on for even half the day! So for me it was a flop, though I’m willing to try again. And if I don’t dig it, off it goes to V (I already gave her the second one, I bought two in anticipation of loving it).
Hydraluron – IN LOVE with this product. If you have dry skin like me, put it on after cleansing/before your moisturizer, it helps lock moisture in. Yay!

This is a pretty accurate representation of the blush to bronzer ratio in my makeup collection. I’ve always been way more into blush than bronzer.

Marcelle cream blush in Coral – AH! I can’t tell you how much I love this blush. Well I could, but instead look out for a post of my blush collection. In short, it stays, its build-able and the colour is PERFECT.
Vasanti Luminous Cream Blush in Pinnacle – Super fun colour, great product!
Maybelline Master Glazed Blush Stick in Just Pinched Pink 10– I was super curious and I liked the colour when I tested it in Shoppers. Haven’t worn it yet!
Rimmel Nautral Bronzer – This one is V’s fault! She made it sound so damn good in her post.

I got this Quo set on sale, my favourite is the face palette, then the eye shadow palette and lastly the lip palette.


Quo Face Palette – The colours are a bit darker in person, sorry that the photo doesn’t accurately portray it! But I LOVE the colours. Unfortunately the palette doesn’t have a name that I can see, but it is going to be great for contouring!

Quo Eye Shadow Palette – The colour pay off of this is big, I was actually shocked them I put on the gold colour and it was very pigmented.

Quo Lip Palette – I haven’t actually warn any of these yet, but they’ll be great for my Canadian series!

Lastly this duo, by Vastanti which I just HAD to have.

Vasanti Silky Eyeshadow Duo in Vegas Strip – I love the name of it! Let me mention, the right eyeshadow is a lot more purple in person. This photo makes it look like a dark rosey pink, but its a dark plum purple. I wore this the other day, V loved the look! So I’ll definitely be doing it for the Canadian series.

Also as those of us with cats know… Bear just had to be a part of the fun.


Hope you enjoyed lovelies! Again, any good advice on lip liners?

Stay lovely,
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Dave Lackie – Giorgio Armani Giveaway

Hey everyone,

I recently found Dave Lackie on Twitter, a brilliant beauty expert (he is based in Toronto, awesome!). He generously runs loads of giveaways per week, all you have to do is follow him on Twitter (here) and retweet the giveaway post! Super simple and so lovely. Well a couple weeks ago, I won his Giorgio Armani giveaway! Which included two Rouge Ecstasy excess moisture rich lipcolours (I gave one to V, of course!) in Dolci 510 and a bottle of the perfume Si. I was overjoyed, as any makeup and beauty lover knows, our love of all things lovely can be expensive, so winning something that fabulous is amazing.

Here is my review on the products that I was sent by the wonderful Dave Lackie.

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick – Dolci 510

– Colour –
When I first opened it I was excited by the colour. Now I’ve noted that it looks much darker when it goes on. On me it turns into a dark pink rosey colour, or a berry pink (I can’t decide). To say the least – gorgeous.


– The look –
It has a nice shine to it, so if you’re a matte kind of girl, this isn’t for you. I like both, so I love the way my lips glisten when I’m wearing this product. Also the packaging is so nice! It seems to have a magnet, because I feel a little pull when I take the lid on and off. Which V pointed out is BRILLIANT because it wont open and smudge all over your purse. (sorry for the smudge on the lipstick)

– Feel –
It glides on like butter. My lips are SO dry but this Armani lipstick is so full of moisture that it doesn’t dry them out. I can usually tell within the hour if the lipstick will dry out my lips, and this one I don’t even feel, its lovely! They aren’t lying when they say it offers the same softness and care as a lip balm.

– Downsides –
After I ate my morning bar and had a cup of tea, it was completely gone, with barely a trace that it was once there. (Probably due to the fact that its so full of moisture) So I had to reapply after breakfast at the office. Although I REALLY didn’t mind reapplying because like I said above, it feels so nice compared to a lot of lipsticks I’ve experienced. I would recommend a liner if you’re not the best at applying, I could see this bleeding.
Also the smell can be a little distracting when you’re trying to eat. Some noses might hate it, some might love the smell, for me my sniffer is sensitive so I notice it pretty much the whole time I’m wearing it… but I don’t mind because its a constant reminder that I look fabulous ;).

Giorgio Armani Perfume – Si

– The Smell –
When I first smelt this perfume I was rushed forward to a version of myself that was a few years older, with life all figured out. Or the present me hanging out with cool, stylish and sophisticated older friends. Just like they say its sultry, intense and sophisticated. Right now I rock Ralph by Ralph Lauren, its been my scent for AGES. Si is a scent I can see slowly making its way into my routine. And its come just in time for my 26th birthday, perfect! They say its “for a woman who has the courage to say “yes” or “Sì” in Italian: Sì to Love, Sì to Life, Sì to Happiness.” Well… it certainly makes me want to be that woman. Plus Cate Blanchett is the face of this fragrance, how amazing is that!


– The Look –
So romantic, so elegant, at first I thought it was a nice gold colour, but then I noticed its soft hint of pink, so dreamy, so lovely. I also noticed the little detail of the gold at the bottom, subtle but makes it look that much much luxurious. It gives my perfume collection that maturity that it needs.

A big thank you again to Dave Lackie for these wonderful prizes. I will certainly cherish them.

Stay lovely,
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The Pretty Lovely LIEBSTER Award

Firstly. Wow.

I’ve been seeing the Liebster award running around the beauty blogger world since we started a few short weeks ago and now the lovely, Aurélie Blondin has nominated us! We feel lovely! Basically it is all about nominating fellow bloggers who are under 200 followers, to help them get the word out about their totally rad blog. Once you get nominated, you answer some questions, then nominate 11 more bloggers and give them questions to answer. Pretty simple, pretty awesome!


The questions we got are as follows:

1. If all your makeup was taken away but you could keep 3 things, what would they be?

V: Would have to be…My Illamasqua Skin Base foundation, MAC Girl About Town Lippy & Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black/Brown


T: Probably my Benefit They’re Real Mascara, my Bourjois Healthy Serum Foundation in Vanilla and my Marcelle Cream blush in Coral.


2. What is your favorite fashion item?

T: My big huge scarf from H&M.


V: My handmade cotton scarf I got in Istanbul last year, bought it from the lady who actually made it. One of my favourite pieces from my travels. (Not able to get a photo – it is back at my parents house from Christmas!)

3. What is your favourite blush?

T: Mentioned above my Marcelle Cream Blush in Coral, I’ve fallen in love.

V: Right now, it probably has to be MAC’s Creamblend Blush in Ladyblush

4. What is your favourite movie?

T: Detention by Joseph Kahn starring Josh Hutcherson. I may look like just another teen movie, but it is seriously brilliant and reflects pop culture intensely. Watch the trailer here.

V: This is something that changes so often for me – but the most recent movie that I loved watching was Annie Hall from 1977. Definitely on a classic movie kick as of late.

5. What/who inspired inspired you to blog?

T: I’ve always enjoyed it, I can remember that far back. But for Pretty Lovely Girls, sharing my passion for make-up with V totally inspired starting this.

V: I think I’ve always felt like I would be really into this sort of thing, but it wasn’t until discussing it for real with T that made it seem more possible. She definitely helped build up my courage to do this. (And she’ll have to do it again when we decide to tackle YouTube, lol.)

6. Leather or fur?

T: Leather. Although I don’t actually have any so…

V: I feel like I should technically say neither, but Leather for this instance.

7. Tell us one makeup tip that changed your life.

T: Oh jeez… Practice? Haha

V: Practice like crazy. And watching youtubers like Pixiwoo, etc. – It helped me a lot seeing other people apply it on themselves. Small things like to look down when applying liquid liner, etc.!

8. What is the best advice you ever received from someone? (Does not have to be beauty related!)

T: This quote (I guess its not a someone, whoops)

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 1.01.35 PM

V: Whenever I’m feeling stressed out, sad, frustrated, anxious….”Just take a nap”

9.What is your favourite era in terms of beauty or fashion? (Your know like 50’s, 60’s, etc.)

T: I feel I seriously missed out on the 60’s and 70’s… and the 50’s for that matter.

V: I consider myself to be a mix between the 50s & 70s. Classic most of the time, yet thrown in wide leg trousers or some awesome bohemian prints into the mix and I’m set.

10. What is your staple party look – from beauty to fashion?

V: Similar to Tori…Toooo similar……….But a bit more into a heavier eye versus bold lip.

T: Oh, it always changes! But right now perhaps a simple eye/face and a bold lip. Clothes… I’m always tempted to wear jeans and a cool stylish hoodie or T-shirt. Or cool tights with a nice sweater.

11. If there was one thing you could buy (money being no object) what would it be?

V: A beautiful apartment along the Champs Elysee in Paris.

T: An entire Anthropology store or a house on High Park Boulevard in Toronto.


We nominate the following blogs for a Liebster award! Can’t wait to see more from all of these great blogs:
Nyaomi Wright
Lily Rutherford
Krystabelle Mangion
Meg Campbell
Olivia Mitchell
Lipsiie Yasmin
Steph Ellis
Beauty By Karis
Caitlin Crawford
Lipstick Loveheart Beauty


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