The (Vic)Tori(a) of it all

Hello lovelies!

Victoria here – the second half of PLGs! Following suit to the great intro post by Tori, I figured I’d attempt similar.


You like that selfie smirk? Thanks, I’ve been working really hard on it. 😉

First off, I must admit this whole online blog/vlog/hog/smog thing is new to me – I’m not a veteran like my counterpart, so please bear with me if I’m not as snazzy or full of skill. I’ll get there!

Tori and I have known each other since high school, and the rest is history! Recently, we got to the point were we decided instead of following some great beauty/lifestyle/random spaces and constantly discussing them with each other, that we would dive in and try and take part. We hope that we will be able to bring something slightly different to the table – given our backgrounds, current lifestyles and future goals. We are similar, but different in many ways. We currently live in difference cities, so you can expect a variety of posts from each of us separately and also as a duo whenever we can.

Back to me! (Sorry, T)

I am currently living just outside of the GTA, working full time in the field that I studied. I recently moved into a new place, which will slightly be dampening my makeup and beauty budget, so you can expect some great budget finds from me in the coming months. I’ve always had a slight addiction to everything beauty, but it wasn’t until the more recent months that I found myself hindering on the obsessive side. I must say, damn you Pixiwoo for fueling my fire! (I love you girls so much, I’m kidding!) Tori should be considered the more positive and enlightened one (it’s why I love her)…whereas I may be a littleeeeeee bit on the more cynical/opinionated/darker side (haha….). I plan on talking about all things beauty that I’m loving, but also hoping to get discussions going about other things that I’m passionate about. Travel, sports, politics, cultural and social issues around the world – the list goes on. 

I am looking forward to building Pretty Lovely Girls with T, and can’t wait to create a space where everyday women with views, opinions, and still a hint of a girly side can come together and share and express the flavours of the day.





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