My Shoppers Haul – Part I

Hey everyone,

While I was visiting home this weekend I nipped over to Shoppers Drug Mart and put a serious dent in my bank account… but I was doing it for you! So not to worry, you can thank me later.

I picked up some products from Canadian cosmetic brands, (Annabelle, Quo, Vasanti, Marcelle) because in the future I’m planning on doing a series of looks made with ONLY Canadian products. Which I am oh so excited for! So stay tuned for that. I also got some stuff from Revlon, Essie and Maybelline.

Here is Part I of my wonderful Shoppers Haul (P.S. I’m so jealous of all you UK people who get to say Boots Haul ;))

Annabelle is a Canadian based cosmetics company and I am oh so excited to use these roll on eyeshadows and liners to do some looks for you! So far I’ve noticed each eyeshadow is metallic, glittery and fun!

I just HAD to get my hands on Penny Talk by Essie after seeing Megan Joy review it on her blog! I practically ran home to throw it on. I noticed it started to wear really fast, but I also did it really quickly and didn’t put a top coat on. So I’m going to bring it with me to get my nails done this week and give it a real go! Thanks Megan! I also got Enuf is Enuf which is such a fun pink colour and you can never have enough of those!

As soon as I saw this colour I had to have it, I mean its called Echantmint, come on! They have other colours as well, see them here! Naturally, I wanted them all, but I stuck with one to get the feel for the product. It was the one purchase I just HAD to do a look with ASAP so lucky for me I got to use it for my girlfriends birthday dinner on Sunday. (You may have seen the look on our Instagram: @prettylovelygirls, follow and we’ll follow back!) Its a little hard to deal with, but it was my first time using it so I’ll give it a few goes. I found blending it with other colours is a total must! (unless you’re going under the eye as a liner) Also its hypo-allergenic!

Here is a sneak peak at some of the other products I got, but I’ll have a post for them up before you know it! I got a lot of Quo stuff (see those palettes?) that I am super stoked to use for my Canadian looks!

Stay lovely,
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2 thoughts on “My Shoppers Haul – Part I

  1. Hey Tori, thanks for the shout out!

    Penny Talk is one of those colours I find myself going back to again and again. Glad you tried it out. A great topcoat really lengthens the wear time.

    All the best šŸ™‚


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