V’s ASSEMBLAGE: Bronzers.

Bronzers. Something that I used to be quite scared of, to be honest. I think a lot of people feel this way. Well, those of us who are as pale – I mean, porcelain – as I tend to be. I used to tan quite often when I was a dumbass teenager, but thankfully I jumped off that train awhile ago. Thus, lets bring on the glorious fake stuff.

I’m going to go through the bronzers that I currently have in my stash. By no means are these my holy grails…there are many that I still am itching to try and others in the past that I’ve loved, but for now I’m aiming to get a good workout of these babies before I jump into bed with yet another.


Here’s a quick list if you feel like skipping down to one you may be more interested in reading about;

  1. Benefit – Hoola
  2. Sleek Makeup – Bronzer (within the Face Form palette in ‘Light’)
  3. Rimmel – Natural Bronzer
  4. Clarins – Summer Splendours Bronzing Compact
  5. Nars – Laguna (in the At First Sight palette)
  6. Nars – South Beach Multiple
  7. Bourjois – Bronzing Primer


Ahhhhhh, Hoola. What a classic. Well, first of all I’d like to apologize for the overall state of this thing – I’ve had her for a long time! (Sometimes I think I’ll never hit pan…box?)

I think Hoola can pretty much speak for itself, but if it can’t…


  • Great colour for pale skin tone (Of course for pretty much everyone else too, but us pale ones have a harder time with bronzers)
  • Buildable! I can wear this super sheer or build it up for a more intense look depending on the time of year
  • No shimmer


  • I find that it fades pretty quickly…not very great staying power.

RECOMMEND? – Yes. DIE HARD FAVOURITE? – No, but a definite constant in my routine.

SLEEK MAKE UP – BRONZER (Face Form Palette in ‘Light’)

Overall, this contour kit from Sleek is great for the price. You really can’t beat the colour payoffs!



  • Price. Enough Said.
  • Lasting power, I will look just as glow-y at 5pm as I did at 7am. (And on my skin…that’s a triumph!)
  • Colour payoff, a bit deeper than Hoola which is great for a stronger contour
  • No shimmer


  • Colour – not a perfect tone for me personally.

Sleek, sleek, sleek. One of my favourite brands that I wish I was able to run to the store and purchase whenever I wanted (Hey Sleek – Canada would love an in store presence! Eh? Eh?!). This bronzer on its own is not my first go to product, but the Face Form palette as a whole is great. I love being able to grab it when I’m traveling or in a rush and just need to do a quick contour! I have used the highlighter in the set the most, but still a great product for the price.

RECOMMEND? – The set as a whole, yes. DIE HARD FAVOURITE? – No, but a great option for someone consistently on the go.


I don’t even want to bother going through a comparison list. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BRONZER IS AMAZING.


PRICE. COLOUR PAYOFF. NO SHIMMER. MULTIPLE USE. Oh, and the price (yep, again). Seriously, every single person should buy this bronzer to have in their collection. There’s a reason why it’s been on the shelves since I can remember. I’m probably on my 30th.


To be honest, I only bought this bronzer because it was absolutely beautiful (I’m a sucker for packaging). But to my surprise, I really have fallen in love.



  • Packaging, hello!
  • Lasting power


  • Packing. (The size…I love it for when I’m sitting at my makeup table, but for when I want to bring it somewhere with me, not so great)

There isn’t too much to debate about this one. I sort of use it like I do my MAC skinfinishes – verrrrrrry lightly of course. I would never contour with it because of the shimmer, but I’m willing to accept that for the gorgeous finish.

RECOMMEND? – Y.E.S  DIE HARD FAVOURITE? – Yes. One of my favourite makeup purchases to date.

NARS – LAGUNA (In At First Site Palette) 

Laguna. Something that I had always wanted to try! When I saw that it was part of this palette, I decided to purchase it versus it on its own. People love this bronzer, including some of my closest friends but I must admit I haven’t fallen in love. Not even really in lust, or…like even build an acquaintance type of tolerance. **This is just for me, please don’t scream too loud!!! 🙂 **



  • Um…. The eyeshadows in the palette?


  • Colour tone for my skin…no thank you.
  • Terrible lasting power

RECOMMEND? – No. But I think everyone owns it already? DIE HARD FAVOURITE? – See previous answer.



I got this in a mini set of three multiples – Orgasm, Copacabana & South Beach. Again, wanted to see what the hype was about without having to purchase the full size. I will admit that I don’t really use this as a ‘bronzing’ product, per se. I’ve only ever used it as a hint of colour on my cheeks when I’m not feeling any of my blushes. I love the consistency of these, (also since I’m more recently falling in love with cream cheek products vs. powder) and I really enjoy the tone and level of shimmer. I will absolutely finish this baby off in the summer when my skin will love it even more. I wanted to mention it and compare to the other swatches because I am well aware of many people who do use this as their bronzer of choice, given their skin tones.

RECOMMEND? – Yes, but not for a bronzing product. As in the name, a ‘multiple’. DIE HARD FAVOURITE? – Nah.



Bourjois! You’re going to have to get used to me yapping about Bourjois. This product caught my eye, after hearing how similar it is to the Soleil Tan de Chanel. My skin loves this stuff (Dry, dry skin), and I really like to mix a tiny (TINY) bit of it on my brush to add some depth right after I’ve applied my foundation. As you can tell from the photos I’ve barely dented it and it’s been a few months since purchase! I find this product to be very deep as you can see in the swatch below (that’s a lot of product…), so on my fair skin I have to be careful. I wish they would come out with this in a bit of a lighter tone, but regardless I still think it’s great because of the consistency and lasting power. No need for a pro and con list here!



Here is a comparative swatch of all the above products, tried to get a few shots in different angles. This is my first arm swatch so I promise I’ll get better at them! Apologies for the smaller size of the Rimmel swatch, but the colour payoff is exact. (I’m sure you can see why it’s my favourite for such pale skin!)

My overall thoughts…

I don’t feel that any of these products were a ‘waste’ of money (unless I had bought Laguna separately), and consistently use them all in a good rotation.

If you had to buy one? Rimmel, no question. It’s the no bs, reasonably priced, best bangarang for your buck product.

Let me know what YOUR favourite is, your on a deserted island (the last thing you’d need) bronzer!




10 thoughts on “V’s ASSEMBLAGE: Bronzers.

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  2. I love the sleek bronzer although I have the same problem I bought mine in medium which wasn’t a smart idea and the bronzer is way too dark for me I used this duo for highlighting in my contour and highlighting post 🙂

  3. I have really pale skin as well, top it off it’s really sensitive as well. I’ve only just started to use bronzer in my everyday routine, I will definitely keep these in mind for my next bronzer purchase. Great Post!


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