The Pretty Lovely LIEBSTER Award

Firstly. Wow.

I’ve been seeing the Liebster award running around the beauty blogger world since we started a few short weeks ago and now the lovely, Aurélie Blondin has nominated us! We feel lovely! Basically it is all about nominating fellow bloggers who are under 200 followers, to help them get the word out about their totally rad blog. Once you get nominated, you answer some questions, then nominate 11 more bloggers and give them questions to answer. Pretty simple, pretty awesome!


The questions we got are as follows:

1. If all your makeup was taken away but you could keep 3 things, what would they be?

V: Would have to be…My Illamasqua Skin Base foundation, MAC Girl About Town Lippy & Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black/Brown


T: Probably my Benefit They’re Real Mascara, my Bourjois Healthy Serum Foundation in Vanilla and my Marcelle Cream blush in Coral.


2. What is your favorite fashion item?

T: My big huge scarf from H&M.


V: My handmade cotton scarf I got in Istanbul last year, bought it from the lady who actually made it. One of my favourite pieces from my travels. (Not able to get a photo – it is back at my parents house from Christmas!)

3. What is your favourite blush?

T: Mentioned above my Marcelle Cream Blush in Coral, I’ve fallen in love.

V: Right now, it probably has to be MAC’s Creamblend Blush in Ladyblush

4. What is your favourite movie?

T: Detention by Joseph Kahn starring Josh Hutcherson. I may look like just another teen movie, but it is seriously brilliant and reflects pop culture intensely. Watch the trailer here.

V: This is something that changes so often for me – but the most recent movie that I loved watching was Annie Hall from 1977. Definitely on a classic movie kick as of late.

5. What/who inspired inspired you to blog?

T: I’ve always enjoyed it, I can remember that far back. But for Pretty Lovely Girls, sharing my passion for make-up with V totally inspired starting this.

V: I think I’ve always felt like I would be really into this sort of thing, but it wasn’t until discussing it for real with T that made it seem more possible. She definitely helped build up my courage to do this. (And she’ll have to do it again when we decide to tackle YouTube, lol.)

6. Leather or fur?

T: Leather. Although I don’t actually have any so…

V: I feel like I should technically say neither, but Leather for this instance.

7. Tell us one makeup tip that changed your life.

T: Oh jeez… Practice? Haha

V: Practice like crazy. And watching youtubers like Pixiwoo, etc. – It helped me a lot seeing other people apply it on themselves. Small things like to look down when applying liquid liner, etc.!

8. What is the best advice you ever received from someone? (Does not have to be beauty related!)

T: This quote (I guess its not a someone, whoops)

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 1.01.35 PM

V: Whenever I’m feeling stressed out, sad, frustrated, anxious….”Just take a nap”

9.What is your favourite era in terms of beauty or fashion? (Your know like 50’s, 60’s, etc.)

T: I feel I seriously missed out on the 60’s and 70’s… and the 50’s for that matter.

V: I consider myself to be a mix between the 50s & 70s. Classic most of the time, yet thrown in wide leg trousers or some awesome bohemian prints into the mix and I’m set.

10. What is your staple party look – from beauty to fashion?

V: Similar to Tori…Toooo similar……….But a bit more into a heavier eye versus bold lip.

T: Oh, it always changes! But right now perhaps a simple eye/face and a bold lip. Clothes… I’m always tempted to wear jeans and a cool stylish hoodie or T-shirt. Or cool tights with a nice sweater.

11. If there was one thing you could buy (money being no object) what would it be?

V: A beautiful apartment along the Champs Elysee in Paris.

T: An entire Anthropology store or a house on High Park Boulevard in Toronto.


We nominate the following blogs for a Liebster award! Can’t wait to see more from all of these great blogs:
Nyaomi Wright
Lily Rutherford
Krystabelle Mangion
Meg Campbell
Olivia Mitchell
Lipsiie Yasmin
Steph Ellis
Beauty By Karis
Caitlin Crawford
Lipstick Loveheart Beauty


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5 thoughts on “The Pretty Lovely LIEBSTER Award

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  2. Thank you so much for nominating me 🙂 Although I already did this, I will edit your questions in the original post! Do we have to answer the questions that were given to you or you’re going to post some new ones?

    I love reading these kind of posts 🙂

    Belle xxx


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