V: My Daily Office Look.

I wanted to do a brief rundown of what I like to wear at the office. Somewhere that I prefer to not wear/look like I’m wearing too much, yet still need to be professional and put together. It is tough, as I am in an office of only men (okay, well not too tough) – because I find that I would not be taken as seriously if I was rockin’ a crazy sexy smoldering eye with some Girl About Town lips, given my specific environment. For all of you that are able to be more adventurous during the day, I am forever jealous!


Simple, clean, and with enough definition of the features that I like without drawing too much attention.

Primer – I mix this up all of the time. Lately I have of course been using my Maybelline Baby Face because it’s new and awesome (for me – I know T hasn’t found as much luck with it so far), but my holy grail primer is Illamasqua’s Hydra Veil (but I don’t like to use it every day…I’m not ready to say goodbye to my first jar yet!)

Foundation – I always grab either of the following:

MAC Face and Body (C1 – yes, I know I’m pale)

COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Fabolour 3 in 1 (Classic Ivory)

Brushes Used: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush for application, then go over lightly with a  clean RT Buffing Brush for a final blend.

I love my Face and Body when I wake up and feel quite good about my skin that day and just am looking for a bit of colouration balance. Covergirl for when I want a more flawless look, or when I know I’ll be working 8+ hours and want my face to stay put!

I also gravitate to these foundations for the office because they’re the more affordable options, which I’m more willing to replace.



NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (Chantilly)

Brush Used: Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush or just my fingers

A newer purchase of mine. I’m really enjoying the blendability of this so far. I am aware that it has been known to crease on many, but I guess I’ve been lucky! (If anyone knows a good drugstore dupe of this, please let me know!)

Contour (If I’m feeling like it…)

ILLAMASQUA Cream Pigment (Hollow)

Brush Used: MAC 130

 Perfect contouring for my light skin tone. Just a little can give me that definition that I need.



MAC Cremeblend Blush (Ladyblush)

Brush Used: Real Techniques Multi Task Brush

I loooooove this blush during the fall/winter months. Perfect ‘I just came in from the cold’ flush look.


HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Powder (Diffused Light)

Brush Used: Real Techniques Powder Brush

I don’t think there is a need to describe the greatness of these, It’s like explaining how good a glass of $300 red wine is.



BaseMAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot (Painterly)

EyeshadowSMASHBOX Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette (Fade In)

Brushes Used: MAC 217, 239, 266


I grab this palette on the daily. The two matte light shades (I wish there were individual names!) are perfect for my lid and a bit of the deeper on in my creaseline. If I’m feeling a bit more adventurous that day I’ll add a hint of the shimmery taupe.


LinerDIOR Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil (Intense Brown) or I will add a bit of the dark brown shadow from the palette along the lash line, using the 266 brush.

I always opt for a brown eyeliner and mascara during the week. I like how it gives the definition I want, and I find the intensity that I can achieve with using browns against my dark brown eyes can’t be beat by black mascara.


EyebrowsHOURGLASS Arch Brown Sculpting Pencil (Dark Brunette)

I am really enjoying this pencil. The colour is a great match for me personally, and I like the ability to fill them in quickly and effortlessly.

MascaraCLINIQUE High Impact Mascara  (Black/Brown)

After a quick curl, I layer this beautiful mascara on to get to the intensity that I’m looking for that day. Stays on and looks great all day long.


MAC Glaze (Hue)

MAYBELLINE Baby Lips (15 – Cherry Me)

I always go for a nude or sheer hint of colour at work. I like it so that if I cant get a chance to reapply, I won’t lose the total look – or I can just reload after lunch or even just let it fade and rock the day out with some of my Nuxe balm. Hue is the perfect nude, and the Cherry baby lips is sheer and comfortable.

And that’s that! Let me know how you take your face to work! Bold? Sexy? Natural?

Happy Saturday night lovelies!





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