Dave Lackie – Giorgio Armani Giveaway

Hey everyone,

I recently found Dave Lackie on Twitter, a brilliant beauty expert (he is based in Toronto, awesome!). He generously runs loads of giveaways per week, all you have to do is follow him on Twitter (here) and retweet the giveaway post! Super simple and so lovely. Well a couple weeks ago, I won his Giorgio Armani giveaway! Which included two Rouge Ecstasy excess moisture rich lipcolours (I gave one to V, of course!) in Dolci 510 and a bottle of the perfume Si. I was overjoyed, as any makeup and beauty lover knows, our love of all things lovely can be expensive, so winning something that fabulous is amazing.

Here is my review on the products that I was sent by the wonderful Dave Lackie.

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick – Dolci 510

– Colour –
When I first opened it I was excited by the colour. Now I’ve noted that it looks much darker when it goes on. On me it turns into a dark pink rosey colour, or a berry pink (I can’t decide). To say the least – gorgeous.


– The look –
It has a nice shine to it, so if you’re a matte kind of girl, this isn’t for you. I like both, so I love the way my lips glisten when I’m wearing this product. Also the packaging is so nice! It seems to have a magnet, because I feel a little pull when I take the lid on and off. Which V pointed out is BRILLIANT because it wont open and smudge all over your purse. (sorry for the smudge on the lipstick)

– Feel –
It glides on like butter. My lips are SO dry but this Armani lipstick is so full of moisture that it doesn’t dry them out. I can usually tell within the hour if the lipstick will dry out my lips, and this one I don’t even feel, its lovely! They aren’t lying when they say it offers the same softness and care as a lip balm.

– Downsides –
After I ate my morning bar and had a cup of tea, it was completely gone, with barely a trace that it was once there. (Probably due to the fact that its so full of moisture) So I had to reapply after breakfast at the office. Although I REALLY didn’t mind reapplying because like I said above, it feels so nice compared to a lot of lipsticks I’ve experienced. I would recommend a liner if you’re not the best at applying, I could see this bleeding.
Also the smell can be a little distracting when you’re trying to eat. Some noses might hate it, some might love the smell, for me my sniffer is sensitive so I notice it pretty much the whole time I’m wearing it… but I don’t mind because its a constant reminder that I look fabulous ;).

Giorgio Armani Perfume – Si

– The Smell –
When I first smelt this perfume I was rushed forward to a version of myself that was a few years older, with life all figured out. Or the present me hanging out with cool, stylish and sophisticated older friends. Just like they say its sultry, intense and sophisticated. Right now I rock Ralph by Ralph Lauren, its been my scent for AGES. Si is a scent I can see slowly making its way into my routine. And its come just in time for my 26th birthday, perfect! They say its “for a woman who has the courage to say “yes” or “Sì” in Italian: Sì to Love, Sì to Life, Sì to Happiness.” Well… it certainly makes me want to be that woman. Plus Cate Blanchett is the face of this fragrance, how amazing is that!


– The Look –
So romantic, so elegant, at first I thought it was a nice gold colour, but then I noticed its soft hint of pink, so dreamy, so lovely. I also noticed the little detail of the gold at the bottom, subtle but makes it look that much much luxurious. It gives my perfume collection that maturity that it needs.

A big thank you again to Dave Lackie for these wonderful prizes. I will certainly cherish them.

Stay lovely,
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