Shoppers Haul Part II

Hey everyone!

As promised here is the second part of my Shoppers haul. I went again over the weekend (I had to get the Rimmel bronzer V was gushing about) so I added the couple of things from that visit as well! I had a lot of fun taking these photos, so enjoy!

First up is some lip service. One thing you will surely come to notice is I am a SUCKER for all things lip related. Gloss, crayon, balm, lipstick, you name it and I’ll gush.

Revlon Colorburst matte in Elusive – Funny enough I got this on a whim, I had NO idea how big it was or that it was new. But so glad I got it. I LOVE it.
Annabelle Lipstick Crayon in Bubble (can you tell I like pink?) – A tad chalky, but the colour is awesome, you’ll see swatches in the future for sure.
Quo lipsticks in 3 and 6 – Got these for my Canadian series.
Vasanti tinted lipbalm in Cancun – LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. The colour, the feel, LOVE.

I was in some serious need of lip liners (I know I claim to love all things lip, but my makeup collection is missing out). So I went for a pink and a nude.

Lise Watier Waterproof Lip Crayon in Soft Coral – I have to say I am a little disappointed, its hard to see on my lips and therefore hard to create a good liner base.
Revlon Lipliner in Nude – Again disappointed, its SUPER dark for a nude, in my opinion.

Anyone have any advice for lip liners?

I had to try Babyskin because EVERYONE is raving about it. Hydraluron is a LIFESAVER for my dry skin, big thanks to V for telling me about it.

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser – Well… unfortunately I am disappointed. I didn’t even notice ANYTHING different about my skin. And my makeup didn’t stay on for even half the day! So for me it was a flop, though I’m willing to try again. And if I don’t dig it, off it goes to V (I already gave her the second one, I bought two in anticipation of loving it).
Hydraluron – IN LOVE with this product. If you have dry skin like me, put it on after cleansing/before your moisturizer, it helps lock moisture in. Yay!

This is a pretty accurate representation of the blush to bronzer ratio in my makeup collection. I’ve always been way more into blush than bronzer.

Marcelle cream blush in Coral – AH! I can’t tell you how much I love this blush. Well I could, but instead look out for a post of my blush collection. In short, it stays, its build-able and the colour is PERFECT.
Vasanti Luminous Cream Blush in Pinnacle – Super fun colour, great product!
Maybelline Master Glazed Blush Stick in Just Pinched Pink 10– I was super curious and I liked the colour when I tested it in Shoppers. Haven’t worn it yet!
Rimmel Nautral Bronzer – This one is V’s fault! She made it sound so damn good in her post.

I got this Quo set on sale, my favourite is the face palette, then the eye shadow palette and lastly the lip palette.


Quo Face Palette – The colours are a bit darker in person, sorry that the photo doesn’t accurately portray it! But I LOVE the colours. Unfortunately the palette doesn’t have a name that I can see, but it is going to be great for contouring!

Quo Eye Shadow Palette – The colour pay off of this is big, I was actually shocked them I put on the gold colour and it was very pigmented.

Quo Lip Palette – I haven’t actually warn any of these yet, but they’ll be great for my Canadian series!

Lastly this duo, by Vastanti which I just HAD to have.

Vasanti Silky Eyeshadow Duo in Vegas Strip – I love the name of it! Let me mention, the right eyeshadow is a lot more purple in person. This photo makes it look like a dark rosey pink, but its a dark plum purple. I wore this the other day, V loved the look! So I’ll definitely be doing it for the Canadian series.

Also as those of us with cats know… Bear just had to be a part of the fun.


Hope you enjoyed lovelies! Again, any good advice on lip liners?

Stay lovely,
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10 thoughts on “Shoppers Haul Part II

    • I love it. Dries out my lips a wee bit but not a lot compared to other products. And if you don’t have an issue with that kind of stuff, great! I’d say go for it regardless. Its a great product. Thanks for commenting lady! 🙂
      xo T

    • Hey!
      Let me know what you think of the Revlon Matte Balms once you get them!
      I certainly can do a review on Quo and Vasanti, they’re Canadian makeup brands, so I’ll be using them in my series of Canadian looks!
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂
      xo T


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