A Pretty Lovely Giveaway – The Body Shop Giveaway

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Pretty Lovely Haul – A Shoppers Run

a pretty lovely haulHey Pretty Lovelies!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. A little update on me, I recently decided to take part in 100 Happy Days! I think this movement is awesome. I mean what more could you ask for, its a challenge that makes you happy! Wonderful! You can pop over to my personal Instagram here, if you’d like to keep up with my journey with that. Let me know if you are taking part or thinking about taking the plunge.

Now onto things that make us both happy, beauty products! Shoppers is my vice, I swear. It may even be a worse love affair than Lush. (But that love affair I talk about here) For our UK followers, Shoppers Drug Mart is like our version of Boots!

Now onto the goodies.


For some time now I’ve been meaning to try the whole purple shampoo thing. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, purple shampoo is made for us colour treated blondes who want to keep it light and not coppery. Basically it helps keep that beautiful colour.

Now for me shampoo is either a hit or a SERIOUS miss. I have thin, fine hair that gets oily FAST. So if something is too soothing, I’m practically greasy right away, and if something isn’t soothing enough because I’m colour treated it can look like hay/straw, which must make my hair look seriously appetizing to horses. So I am ALWAYS scared to try a new shampoo. Funny enough I usually have luck with Head and Shoulders. But I wanted to venture out and try something a little more specific to my hair.

John Frieda Sheer BlondeColour Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo and Conditioner
I have to say so far, after only two days of usage mind you, I am LOVING this shampoo and conditioner combo! It’s just the right amount of soothing, it smells nice, it’s great.
The shampoo has a lovely lather, nothing bad to say here!
The conditioner, funny enough doesn’t feel very soothing when you’re putting it in your hair and rinsing it, but my hair comes out feeling manageable and soft to the touch once blown dry!
Would I recommend? YES!

I am a lip product fanatic. It’s a problem.

So I’ve been wanting this ever since I first saw it and I finally made the plunge this weekend. I have a serious crush on the packaging. It’s super weird to apply, but I think that’s because I did it straight from the brush to lips. Next time I’m definitely using my fingers for an easier application. It comes out a lot more purple on me than I would have liked but I have no doubt I will rock this wicked colour at some point, especially once the sun starts shining here in Toronto again and I don’t have to wear my freaking parka.
Would I recommend? If you can, try it first to see if its your thing, but YES I would recommend.

RimmelLasting Finish by Kate Moss in 101
I LOVE pink lip colours and after V got me my first Kate lipstick I’ve been dying to add to my collection. 101 is a pretty pale pink colour that I already love rocking. It has decent staying power, except if you haven’t seen your boyfriend all weekend and a hello kiss turns into about fifteen hello kisses. (The colour looks good on his too… haha only kidding, kind of.)
Would I recommend? Yes sir, I would!

So canned water, “Pffft! Yeah right, like I’d buy CANNED WATER!” Don’t worry, I’ve already happily eaten my words.

VichyThermal Spa Water
So I really wanted La Roche Posay’s Serozinc but thanks to the fact that they are total buttheads and don’t sell it in Canada I am shit out of luck. But I wanted something that was soothing for redness and irritation. So I started looking into canned waters. And this weekend I opted for Vichy’s instead of La Roche Posay Thermal Spa Water because the benefits list was longer and it was just a bit cheaper. I use it during my morning and night skin care routine and I am lovely it. It feels nice and refreshing going on and then it leaves your face feeling warm and lovely! I also notice the redness on my skin goes down after I use it. Plus I put it on my burn (curling iron I hate you) a few days after the event and its made it much less irritated.
Would I recommend? Yes! Its not totally needed but I would say its a lovely treat. If you really love skin care and feeling pampered, get it!

ClarinsGentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner
I’ve just realized, I put this product in the photo even though I didn’t get it during this haul. But why not put in a few words?! Firstly, I like using it. Secondly, I didn’t think I noticed a difference. Until I went to the root of what its meant to do. Have I had dry patches lately, no! Which is huge for me. And I’ve noticed my complexion in certain areas has gotten brighter. I like this version of an exfoliator because its not harsh on my sensitive skin. I jumped on this one because of Caroline Hirons and I think I’ll stay on it.
Would I recommend? Yes, especially if you find grainy exfoliators too rough and if your skin is sensitive. Exfoliating is important!

IMG_9622And last but certainly not least!

VichyRefreshing Cleansing Milk
This has to be the new star of my skincare routine. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I would have its babies if I could. It’s geared towards sensitive, normal to combination skin. It feels LOVELY and creamy going on and leaves my face feeling warm and clean. And there is something about the smell that is absolutely wonderful, its soothing, its lovely.
Would I recommend? YES! More than anything else in this post!

Have you gotten anything from your local drugstore lately? What is your favourite skin care product right now?

Stay lovely,
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Quick n’ Lovely Review: ILLAMASQUA 4-Colour Liquid Metal Palette

PicMonkey Collage.jpg2

Over the last year, I found myself falling in love with Illamasqua. Illamasqua is something that is not easily accessible here in Canada – Only select counters in few major cities and online. But one day I drove down to Toronto and spent a solid hour or so at The Bay’s Illamasqua counter @ Yorkdale (Can I please put all of their furniture in my house? I’ll never forget that purple suede couch)

And wow, the trip was worth it. I found my favourite foundation, nail polish, and the absolute best crease/eyebrow colour (but those can be for another day)…and also the amazing Liquid Metal Palette. At counters here in Canada, you’re only able to buy the Metals in the palette. At first I was slightly bummed about this since I only wanted the Electrum, but now I’m so glad I got the quad.

 -The Purpose-

 As stated on Illamasqua.com…

 “A palette consisting of Liquid Metals in Enrapture, Surge, Electrum and Phenomena. Liquid Metal is a rich and highly pigmented metallic cream that grabs full attention wherever it’s applied. Smooth onto eyes, face and body with fingers or a brush and prepare to take the spotlight.”PicMonkey Collage.jpg

At first I was using my MAC 239, but found it to be holding too much of the product in the actual brush. I get the best pigmentation transfer, control and overall application with my fingers.


-The Look-

Just unreal. As the name constitutes – they look like liquid metal. If only I had a more witty way to describe it….

The photo above was done with one swipe of product, no building there – look at that pigmentation-ness! 

And can we also just mention the packaging of Illamasqua as a whole? Probably my favourite brand packaging overall. This palette is so lux looking and light. I can fit it into all of my makeup bags with no issue with size or weight (huge bonus for me).

-The Functionality-

Great application (with fingers), staying power is FAN.TAS.TIC – and that’s from someone who has issues with eyeshadows and creams creasing easily. This stuff will lock in whatever base or other colour you have under, as well.

three picjpg

When put over another eyeshadow can make a beautiful mixture. For instance, the other night I put MAC’s Cranberry eyeshadow, and then Enrapture. Created a beautiful, antique red rust colour (I need to get better at descriptive words, I know!!!!).

Lasting power was probably the biggest surprise for me. SO great, and better than any other liquid/cream eyeshadow product that I own. The photo below is of my hand after a decent scrubbing with soap, and still there is a bit of product lingering.

after wash.png

 -The Downsides-

None. I honestly think this palette will last me forever, and they’re just as creamy as they were the day I bought them. I’ve never heard of these drying out, so that is also another massive upside.


Once any of these colours hit pan, I will most definitely repurchase. I am very sad to see that the other Liquid Metal colours don’t seem to be available anymore online – and you are only able to buy Surge and Phenomena in singles now…Here’s hoping the palette stays alive! I may have to buy a backup, just in case…The one thing about beauty products, you never know when you’re most favourite thing can disappear from you like your favourite pair of socks in the dryer. The struggle is real.

Easy application, Crazy beautiful pigmentation, and the best lasting power
I’ve experienced to date – You can’t go wrong.

Have you tried any Liquid Metals from Illamasqua?





Quick n’ Lovely Review: LUSH Lip Scrub Minty Julips


Hey pretty lovelies!

You may have read all about my naughty romp with Lush in my review of their Imperialis Face Moisturizer a few posts back. Well I mentioned that I also got a lip scrub, the Mint Julips Lip Scrub to be exact.

When you’re in a LUSH store a kind of dream sequence takes effect, its hard to see everything and its hard to feel level headed. It doesn’t help that their employees are dangerously good at selling their products to you. A couple minutes with one of them and the back of your hand is as soft as a baby’s butt and suddenly you’re sold on everything they just used to make that happen.

Well in my dream sequence I was suckered into trying and buying the Mint Julips Lip Scrub. I was being courted and sought after and I just had to keep that dream state alive. I have to exfoliate my lips daily or else I’m peeling and biting at my lips ALL DAY. Its a serious annoyance. So a lip scrub sounded right up my alley. I usually exfoliate by using just my damp toothbrush and this works WONDERS… finding out that beauty hack actually changed my life!


– The Look –
A little clear jar with their classic logo and lid hold the grainy sugary lip scrub and make it a convenient travel sized buddy.
The product, Mint Julips, looks in short like a yellow thick sugar.


– The Smell and Taste –
It smells like what you’d expect, minty! And tastes how you’d expect… like delicious sugary goodness. Sometimes it too sugary for me and I just wipe it off with a cloth.


– Functionality –
When I was seduced into trying this in the store it felt great! I am a serious sufferer of dry lips, as you know, and I could practically feel the dead skin peeling away. I was sold. However, I’ve come to realize its not nearly as good as my old fashion tooth brush. BUT if I’m going to wear lipstick or something that requires some serious prepping of the lips I use both!


– Downsides –
It is very easy to waste this product as its so loose and messy that its hard to keep it on your finger from the jar to your lips. I might suggest wetting your finger first then giving it a go.
It doesn’t stop my lips from getting dry a few hours later, which I was seriously disappointed in and it doesn’t completely exfoliate them. HOWEVER I do have seriously dry lips so if you just have some issues or just want to smooth your lips out, I don’t see why this product wouldn’t work for you.

Would I buy this again? Probably not. If anything, for the days I really want to prep my lips, I’ll make my own lip scrub at home.

Have you tried the LUSH lip scrubs? What are your thoughts? Have they worked for you?

Stay lovely,
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Quick n’ Lovely Review: Revlon COLORBURST Matte Balm


Hey pretty lovelies!

I’m here to express my undying love for Revlon COLORBURST Matte Balm in Elusive  — it seems that this product wondered into our hearts like the newest 20 something heartthrob from our favourite indie and comedy films. (Miles Teller anyone?!) And I found out about him (The lip product, not Miles) by chance. I was determined to make a serious dent in my bank account on a trip to Shoppers. And I just happened to glance over and see his (yes I am referring to the lip product as a dude, just go with it) lovely leading lady Emma Stone smiling at me encouragingly from her beautiful Revlon display ad. So I instantly followed my gut, this baby was about to blow up huge and win all the girls hearts.

Then lo and behold I came onto Twitter the next day and this product was all anyone talked about! He was getting rave reviews and I was feeling smug for having found him without anyones help. Although it seems I just wasn’t up on the hype like everyone else — its all a game of chance people.


– The Look –
The colour of Elusive’s packaging is what made me want it instantly. Its a pretty, classy and timeless pink that makes your heart feel warm. I am in love with their packaging for these sticks. It’s simple, its clean — its effective. I love the detailing in silver, it adds the perfect amount of pop. I love how sleek it is and I wouldn’t say no to seeing one of every colour in my make-up collection.
Elusive as a shade is a BEAUTIFUL timeless pink, which is why I love it so much! I would say its a blue pink. One thing I LOVE about the packaging is that the colour you see is the colour you get, they match the packaging perfectly!


– The Smell –
Yes there is a smell and its a brilliant mint, making you feel like you’re treating your lips while you’re looking fabulous. Not to mention it makes you crave mint chocolate, if you’re into that kind of thing — which I totally am.

– The Feel –
I am a sufferer of dry lips, as you may know. And this Revlon COLORBURST Matte Balm doesn’t suck all my moisture out and make my dry lips worse. It’s soothing and nothing short of what they say, seriously nourishing! Now it does slightly dry my lips up a bit, but in comparison to a hell of a  lot of other products out there its brilliant! And thats only if I’ve applied a few times and haven’t moisturized them for most of the day. Bonus if you don’t have an issue with dry lips, you need not worry at all, you’ll love this product.


– Functionality –
The crayon tip is great but may be a little thick once worn down and therefore might be a bit messy for people with thinner lips. However I’m sure it’s all about how you maneuver the product!
The staying power is great, especially in comparison to my Tarte lip crayons (Seriously disappointed in their staying power). It leaves a slight pink tint when you’ve eaten and had a few coffees but reapplying is a breeze and you look so incredible that you don’t mind.


– Downsides –
Pretty much none, except for the slight drying of lips but thats really a small sacrafice for something so lovely and so wonderful.

Overall I LOVE it, its one of my favourite lip products right now and I would absolutely recommend. If you are on the fence, jump over to the other side and let this dream boat of a leading man make you his striking leading lady!

Have you tried these yet? What colour should I try next?! Let me know in the comments!

Stay Lovely,
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Today, I’m going to run you through “The Holy 6” – my ultimate face brushes. These have been my tried and true for awhile now, and no higher end brush has yet been able to replace any on the roster.


I have tried so.many.makeup.brushes – it’s a bit out of hand. Before I really started to get interested in makeup 3 years ago, I think the only makeup brush that I ever owned was a ratty old QUO Bronzer Brushes that my sister gave me when she was done with it (You’z ladies from the Great White North will know exactly what brush I’m talking about), and I don’t think it was cleaned…ever. The thought of this literally makes my skin crawl now. HEY, THANKS MOM AND SISTER FOR TELLING ME I SHOULD CLEAN MY BRUSH. Brush. Singular.

Anyways, back on track. Brushes. I have been so disappointed by many, and only just recently found a ‘brush lineup’ that seems to really work for me. I even once had an allergic reaction from a brush (I’m looking at you, MAC). Do I think that high end brushes are the best? No.*******.Way. I have tried higher end brushes, and always go back to these. Brushes are ABSOLUTELY something that you can get quality while still saving… and allow for you to splurge a bit more on other products! Like LIPS! Always the wallet shredder :).

Wait. Before I go any further it needs to be pointed out, that I in no way have any reason for posting this other than to express my dire love for these. It may seem that I’m a *bit* (haha) biased in the brush department – but hey, that’s what happens when you make such an amazing and affordable product.

Before I get into the list I just wanted to mention a few other brands that I’ve wanted to try. Firstly, I cannot wait to get my hands on the Louise Young LY34 – Super Foundation brush. Heard so many amazing things and I’m almost there at pulling the trigger to order one. Almost.There. Frankly, I’d love to try many more LY brushes, but unfortunately $$ still IS a thang (Money ain’t a thang? Come on, Jermaine) and my lottery tickets haven’t come through for me – yet. Also, I still have a profound curiosity for Sigma brushes…but it is a different sort of curiosity. To be honest, as someone who is *not* a makeup artist and does not work in the cosmetics industry in anyway, I find it very easy to perceive Sigma brushes in not the best light. Do they just pay YouTubers and Bloggers to use ONLY their brushes and literally mention them every :35 of their videos? I consider myself to be a rationale consumer, and I need a bit more convincing than that. Am I going to buy a ridiculously expensive set of makeup brushes because a 17 year old in her bedroom is chatting about them and how pretty the blue handles are? No…No I’m not. Are they probably great brushes? Sure. But I’m not too thrilled about the ways they have ‘reached’ me as the end consumer. But hey – if this approach is working, then hats off to them. I’m just offering up my skepticism. Anyways, one day I would really like to try them out (because they are pretty ;)).

Down to the real gritty.



Real Techniques – Expert Face Brush
I’m well aware that these RT brushes have been exhaustedly reviewed, so I’m just going to mention that I adore this brush for any of my liquid foundations, when I want really good coverage. The density of the brush is beautiful. 

Real Techniques – Buffing Brush
I use this brush when I am wanting a bit more of a subtle coverage, or when I’m for instance using some pressed power when my face is feeling a bit more oily. Will also use a clean Buffing Brush and go over my nose, centre forehead and jawline after I’ve used my Expert Face Brush when I’m applying a very heavy foundation – just to make sure I ‘buff’ out any potential lines, and get the most flawless finish possible.


Real Techniques – Deluxe Crease Brush
Yet again, not a ton to say about this that every other blogger hasn’t – amazing application under the eyes and around my face. Blends so amazing and has really changed the way that I apply concealer.



MAC – 130 Brush
I have tried so many brushes for contouring, and this one definitely takes the cake (Regardless of my complete disappointment over the 187 Brush – contrary to everyone else’s love for it. I returned it TWICE because I thought it was defective!). As someone who is…porcelain (a.k.a pale), I like this brush because it doesn’t hold too much product. Once you apply too much of a contour product, it isn’t too fun to have to fix that up. Let alone a time sucker! Perfect size for the parts of my face that I contour, and blends great.



Real Techniques Multitask Brush
Love it. Nothing else to really say. Perfect size for my face, so I can understand if others may not feel the same. I find such a big part of brushes is finding the right ‘shape and size’ of brush to fit your face’s needs!


Real Techniques Powder Brush
Big. Fluffy. Soft. Feels absolutely LUXURIOUS. My Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders’ favourite lover.


Alright, ALRIGHT. I know. I probably should have just titled this ‘Real Techniques Brushes Review and Rave‘. Honestly, if I loved any of my other brushes as much, then I would have added them here too. I promise for a bit more product variation in my Eyes Brushes Favourites post (to be up soon). I wish I could do more in depth photos – but frankly, whenever I see bloggers try and take photos of how their makeup looks after using certain brushes…yeah, no. Just doesn’t work. But once we get the YouTube channel going, I will make sure to give a more in depth review and demo!

I cannot rave enough about these brushes. Seeing the Pixiwoo goddesses use them constantly in their videos was what sparked my interest, of course. Then seeing how AFFORDABLE they were? Boom. I was already in my car to my closest Wal Mart. Sadly, here in Canada you can only get the Starter Kit, Core Collection and Travel Essentials packs – but after trying those, it made the decision easy to buy the Expert Face and Powder brushes online. (Get them on feelunique.com – free international shipping)

I bow down to Real Techniques. Thank you for allowing me to still get an amazing product, while allowing me to splurge on other products in my way-too-quickly growing makeup collection. I have doubles of most of these brushes, and I’m not ashamed to admit that!

What are your holy grail face brushes? Have you fallen in love with RT yet?!

Stay pretty (and happy long weekend to my fellow Canadians!)