Pretty Lovely Review: LUSH Imperialis Facial Moisturizer


Hey lovelies!

Before we get started I have to admit something to you — I’m having a fling.

My love affair with LUSH started like a high school crush. I was the young awkward girl and LUSH was that experienced dreamy older guy. So obviously I steered clear for a long time, way too scared to have a go. I mean where would I even start?

I live in North Toronto so the closet LUSH store to me is at our downtown mall — the Eaton Centre, which is about an hour from me. I was going through a phase (one I revisit periodically) where I wanted only natural beauty products in my life. I had matured, I had grown into my body and suddenly that experienced older guy seemed totally in my league. So I went for it.

But I jumped before I realized I was about to start a somewhat long distance relationship. I mean I don’t have the time to travel all the way downtown every time I run out of my favourite LUSH products. So for not, sadly, LUSH and I are on strictly booty call status.

Anyway enough about my love life…

I recently indulged in a bit of a naughty romp with my favourite fling. I was meeting an old roommate downtown and just happened to walk by LUSH on Queen St.
V had just been texting me about wanting to try the Mask of Magnaminty (see her review) so I thought I’d pop in for a casual hello and do a favor for my friend. But ladies, we all know a casual hello isn’t in the cards when you’re dealing with LUSH.

I ended up getting sucked in by the sweet, smooth talking of its products, not to mention the smells, oh god the smells. And I walked out with a Mint Julips lip scrub, Let the Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser and Imperialis Moisturizer.

Enter Imperialis…


– The Look –
The usual smooth, black container is simple but appealing with all its details on the top and just like an online dating profile, it gives you all the good details.
A cocoa butter, tiger lily and orange flower cream suitable for all skin types, day and night.” No messing around it gets straight to the point… date me, I’m up for anything. Also a nice little reminder telling us that if we bring back 5 of these containers we get a free fresh facial mask. Talk about spoilt! And to top it off its a lovely pink creamy colour, just wonderful!


– The Smell –
Very flowery. In fact I would recommend smelling before trying — or even putting some on your hand and walking around for a while with it. You’re going to be putting in on your face so for those of us ladies with delicate sniffers, you’re going to want to be able to deal with the very flowery aroma. I have to admit its a bit much for me and the smell tends to stay for a while, more so on the hands than the face though.


– Functionality –
When the girl put it on my hand in the store it was like baby butt soft. And that does transfer to the face, just not as well. It seems to be doing the trick for me… I have pretty dry skin so sometimes I need more than one coat. After it sinks in my face feels a wee bit dry in my trouble areas so I reapply. Sometimes its hard for me to tell if a face moisturizer is any good, but that is probably a good thing because if it was doing something wrong I’m sure I’d notice.


– Downsides –
Sometimes depending on if you’ve had it in a makeup bag or traveling some of the moisturizer will cling to the top and when you close it, it can seep out of the container around the edges so just be mindful of that.
As I mentioned the smell is a bit much for me but if you like it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this product.

Overall its great and I would recommend trying. However I’m not totally blown away and I’ll probably wonder back to my sometimes lover and explore other options.

Stay Lovely
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3 thoughts on “Pretty Lovely Review: LUSH Imperialis Facial Moisturizer

  1. I am in a long distance relationship with LUSH too! The nearest store is like 4 hours away so I rather order their products from their website and just do what I like the most: trial and error.

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