Today, I’m going to run you through “The Holy 6” – my ultimate face brushes. These have been my tried and true for awhile now, and no higher end brush has yet been able to replace any on the roster.


I have tried – it’s a bit out of hand. Before I really started to get interested in makeup 3 years ago, I think the only makeup brush that I ever owned was a ratty old QUO Bronzer Brushes that my sister gave me when she was done with it (You’z ladies from the Great White North will know exactly what brush I’m talking about), and I don’t think it was cleaned…ever. The thought of this literally makes my skin crawl now. HEY, THANKS MOM AND SISTER FOR TELLING ME I SHOULD CLEAN MY BRUSH. Brush. Singular.

Anyways, back on track. Brushes. I have been so disappointed by many, and only just recently found a ‘brush lineup’ that seems to really work for me. I even once had an allergic reaction from a brush (I’m looking at you, MAC). Do I think that high end brushes are the best? No.*******.Way. I have tried higher end brushes, and always go back to these. Brushes are ABSOLUTELY something that you can get quality while still saving… and allow for you to splurge a bit more on other products! Like LIPS! Always the wallet shredder :).

Wait. Before I go any further it needs to be pointed out, that I in no way have any reason for posting this other than to express my dire love for these. It may seem that I’m a *bit* (haha) biased in the brush department – but hey, that’s what happens when you make such an amazing and affordable product.

Before I get into the list I just wanted to mention a few other brands that I’ve wanted to try. Firstly, I cannot wait to get my hands on the Louise Young LY34 – Super Foundation brush. Heard so many amazing things and I’m almost there at pulling the trigger to order one. Almost.There. Frankly, I’d love to try many more LY brushes, but unfortunately $$ still IS a thang (Money ain’t a thang? Come on, Jermaine) and my lottery tickets haven’t come through for me – yet. Also, I still have a profound curiosity for Sigma brushes…but it is a different sort of curiosity. To be honest, as someone who is *not* a makeup artist and does not work in the cosmetics industry in anyway, I find it very easy to perceive Sigma brushes in not the best light. Do they just pay YouTubers and Bloggers to use ONLY their brushes and literally mention them every :35 of their videos? I consider myself to be a rationale consumer, and I need a bit more convincing than that. Am I going to buy a ridiculously expensive set of makeup brushes because a 17 year old in her bedroom is chatting about them and how pretty the blue handles are? No…No I’m not. Are they probably great brushes? Sure. But I’m not too thrilled about the ways they have ‘reached’ me as the end consumer. But hey – if this approach is working, then hats off to them. I’m just offering up my skepticism. Anyways, one day I would really like to try them out (because they are pretty ;)).

Down to the real gritty.



Real Techniques – Expert Face Brush
I’m well aware that these RT brushes have been exhaustedly reviewed, so I’m just going to mention that I adore this brush for any of my liquid foundations, when I want really good coverage. The density of the brush isΒ beautiful.Β 

Real Techniques – Buffing Brush
I use this brush when I am wanting a bit more of a subtle coverage, or when I’m for instance using some pressed power when my face is feeling a bit more oily. Will also use a clean Buffing Brush and go over my nose, centre forehead and jawline after I’ve used my Expert Face Brush when I’m applying a very heavy foundation – just to make sure I ‘buff’ out any potential lines, and get the most flawless finish possible.


Real Techniques – Deluxe Crease Brush
Yet again, not a ton to say about this that every other blogger hasn’t – amazing application under the eyes and around my face. Blends so amazing and has really changed the way that I apply concealer.



MAC – 130 Brush
I have tried so many brushes for contouring, and this one definitely takes the cake (Regardless of my complete disappointment over the 187 Brush – contrary to everyone else’s love for it. I returned it TWICE because I thought it was defective!). As someone who is…porcelain (a.k.a pale), I like this brush because it doesn’t hold too much product. Once you apply too much of a contour product, it isn’t too fun to have to fix that up. Let alone a time sucker! Perfect size for the parts of my face that I contour, and blends great.



Real Techniques Multitask Brush
Love it. Nothing else to really say. Perfect size for my face, so I can understand if others may not feel the same. I find such a big part of brushes is finding the right ‘shape and size’ of brush to fit your face’s needs!


Real Techniques Powder Brush
Big. Fluffy. Soft. Feels absolutely LUXURIOUS. My Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders’ favourite lover.


Alright, ALRIGHT. I know. I probably should have just titled this ‘Real Techniques Brushes Review and Rave‘. Honestly, if I loved any of my other brushes as much, then I would have added them here too. I promise for a bit more product variation in my Eyes Brushes Favourites post (to be up soon). I wish I could do more in depth photos – but frankly, whenever I see bloggers try and take photos of how their makeup looks after using certain brushes…yeah, no. Just doesn’t work. But once we get the YouTube channel going, I will make sure to give a more in depth review and demo!

I cannot rave enough about these brushes. Seeing the Pixiwoo goddesses use them constantly in their videos was what sparked my interest, of course. Then seeing how AFFORDABLE they were? Boom. I was already in my car to my closest Wal Mart. Sadly, here in Canada you can only get the Starter Kit, Core Collection and Travel Essentials packs – but after trying those, it made the decision easy to buy the Expert Face and Powder brushes online. (Get them on – free international shipping)

I bow down to Real Techniques. Thank you for allowing me to still get an amazing product, while allowing me to splurge on other products in my way-too-quickly growing makeup collection. I have doubles of most of these brushes, and I’m not ashamed to admit that!

What are your holy grail face brushes? Have you fallen in love with RT yet?!

Stay pretty (and happy long weekend to my fellow Canadians!)




8 thoughts on “PRETTY LOVELY FAVOURITES – V’s Face Brushes

  1. I love these brushes, you can’t go wrong with Real Techniques can you! I love the Buffing Brush for foundation, and also have the Louise Young which is just beautiful, but a nightmare to clean πŸ™‚ x x

    Claire | AgentSmyth


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