Quick n’ Lovely Review: LUSH Lip Scrub Minty Julips


Hey pretty lovelies!

You may have read all about my naughty romp with Lush in my review of their Imperialis Face Moisturizer a few posts back. Well I mentioned that I also got a lip scrub, the Mint Julips Lip Scrub to be exact.

When you’re in a LUSH store a kind of dream sequence takes effect, its hard to see everything and its hard to feel level headed. It doesn’t help that their employees are dangerously good at selling their products to you. A couple minutes with one of them and the back of your hand is as soft as a baby’s butt and suddenly you’re sold on everything they just used to make that happen.

Well in my dream sequence I was suckered into trying and buying the Mint Julips Lip Scrub. I was being courted and sought after and I just had to keep that dream state alive. I have to exfoliate my lips daily or else I’m peeling and biting at my lips ALL DAY. Its a serious annoyance. So a lip scrub sounded right up my alley. I usually exfoliate by using just my damp toothbrush and this works WONDERS… finding out that beauty hack actually changed my life!


– The Look –
A little clear jar with their classic logo and lid hold the grainy sugary lip scrub and make it a convenient travel sized buddy.
The product, Mint Julips, looks in short like a yellow thick sugar.


– The Smell and Taste –
It smells like what you’d expect, minty! And tastes how you’d expect… like delicious sugary goodness. Sometimes it too sugary for me and I just wipe it off with a cloth.


– Functionality –
When I was seduced into trying this in the store it felt great! I am a serious sufferer of dry lips, as you know, and I could practically feel the dead skin peeling away. I was sold. However, I’ve come to realize its not nearly as good as my old fashion tooth brush. BUT if I’m going to wear lipstick or something that requires some serious prepping of the lips I use both!


– Downsides –
It is very easy to waste this product as its so loose and messy that its hard to keep it on your finger from the jar to your lips. I might suggest wetting your finger first then giving it a go.
It doesn’t stop my lips from getting dry a few hours later, which I was seriously disappointed in and it doesn’t completely exfoliate them. HOWEVER I do have seriously dry lips so if you just have some issues or just want to smooth your lips out, I don’t see why this product wouldn’t work for you.

Would I buy this again? Probably not. If anything, for the days I really want to prep my lips, I’ll make my own lip scrub at home.

Have you tried the LUSH lip scrubs? What are your thoughts? Have they worked for you?

Stay lovely,
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13 thoughts on “Quick n’ Lovely Review: LUSH Lip Scrub Minty Julips

  1. I never really go into Lush expecting to buy more than a few bath bombs, but after 2 minutes with a staff member, I’ve brought half one shelf and the whole of another, so I definitely know what you mean!! Never tried their lip scrubs before as I usually like to ‘DIY’ them but might have to give this one a go as I do miss having a scent (olive oil doesn’t smell that great!)
    L xo

    • I’m so glad you know what I mean! It can be a little frustrating at times, especially when you look at the bill once you’ve got home and the amount that you just spent sinks in! EEK!!
      Do you have any of your lip scrub DIY’s up on your blog?! And yes the smell is pretty great!
      Thanks for commenting!
      xo T


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