Quick n’ Lovely Review: ILLAMASQUA 4-Colour Liquid Metal Palette

PicMonkey Collage.jpg2

Over the last year, I found myself falling in love with Illamasqua. Illamasqua is something that is not easily accessible here in Canada – Only select counters in few major cities and online. But one day I drove down to Toronto and spent a solid hour or so at The Bay’s Illamasqua counter @ Yorkdale (Can I please put all of their furniture in my house? I’ll never forget that purple suede couch)

And wow, the trip was worth it. I found my favourite foundation, nail polish, and the absolute best crease/eyebrow colour (but those can be for another day)…and also the amazing Liquid Metal Palette. At counters here in Canada, you’re only able to buy the Metals in the palette. At first I was slightly bummed about this since I only wanted the Electrum, but now I’m so glad I got the quad.

 -The Purpose-

 As stated on Illamasqua.com…

 “A palette consisting of Liquid Metals in Enrapture, Surge, Electrum and Phenomena. Liquid Metal is a rich and highly pigmented metallic cream that grabs full attention wherever it’s applied. Smooth onto eyes, face and body with fingers or a brush and prepare to take the spotlight.”PicMonkey Collage.jpg

At first I was using my MAC 239, but found it to be holding too much of the product in the actual brush. I get the best pigmentation transfer, control and overall application with my fingers.


-The Look-

Just unreal. As the name constitutes – they look like liquid metal. If only I had a more witty way to describe it….

The photo above was done with one swipe of product, no building there – look at that pigmentation-ness! 

And can we also just mention the packaging of Illamasqua as a whole? Probably my favourite brand packaging overall. This palette is so lux looking and light. I can fit it into all of my makeup bags with no issue with size or weight (huge bonus for me).

-The Functionality-

Great application (with fingers), staying power is FAN.TAS.TIC – and that’s from someone who has issues with eyeshadows and creams creasing easily. This stuff will lock in whatever base or other colour you have under, as well.

three picjpg

When put over another eyeshadow can make a beautiful mixture. For instance, the other night I put MAC’s Cranberry eyeshadow, and then Enrapture. Created a beautiful, antique red rust colour (I need to get better at descriptive words, I know!!!!).

Lasting power was probably the biggest surprise for me. SO great, and better than any other liquid/cream eyeshadow product that I own. The photo below is of my hand after a decent scrubbing with soap, and still there is a bit of product lingering.

after wash.png

 -The Downsides-

None. I honestly think this palette will last me forever, and they’re just as creamy as they were the day I bought them. I’ve never heard of these drying out, so that is also another massive upside.


Once any of these colours hit pan, I will most definitely repurchase. I am very sad to see that the other Liquid Metal colours don’t seem to be available anymore online – and you are only able to buy Surge and Phenomena in singles now…Here’s hoping the palette stays alive! I may have to buy a backup, just in case…The one thing about beauty products, you never know when you’re most favourite thing can disappear from you like your favourite pair of socks in the dryer. The struggle is real.

Easy application, Crazy beautiful pigmentation, and the best lasting power
I’ve experienced to date – You can’t go wrong.

Have you tried any Liquid Metals from Illamasqua?






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