Quick n’ Lovely: Simple @home Manicure!

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!

So I waltz into Sally’s Beauty today after work, and it just so happened to be ‘Buy One Get One Free’ on China Glaze polishes! Love it when it happens – good quality polishes, and two for the price of less than an Essie polish?! Yes, please!


Here’s a quick rundown of the usual @home manicure I like to do in between when I treat myself at the Salon a couple times a year for an ‘XL mani/pedi’. Hope you enjoy!

Step One:

Remove previous nail polish, of course! I like to use Pure Acetone…I know that a lot of people aren’t big fans of this, but I love how quickly and easily my polish comes off with this – especially when I’m consistently wearing red, and I hate it when it gets all over my hands! It definitely dries out my fingers, but nothing the next steps can’t fix. Of course, use whatever remover you’re comfortable with!

steponeStep Two & Three:

Cuticle removal…the biggest hassle of a manicure! I used to use cuticle clippers, but let’s just say it never really did much of a good thing – too many nips and deep clips! Then I discovered ‘Cuticle Off’ by GENA. Simply apply to the cuticle area, wait 30 seconds and then take a file or a file stick like the one pictured below and files those babies off! Rinse with warm water and dry off with a towel. 


step3Step Four:

Not a necessary step – but I love to give myself a mini coconut oil soak (tablespoon of organic coconut oil in warm water) before I shape and paint. I find it soothes my skin (I have very dry skin) and also helps to take off the last bit of flakey skin. 

step4Step Five:

Shape! No words are needed. 

fiveStep Six:

Base coat, Nail Polish of your choice, and Top! I never used to use a base coat…and I definitely regret it. It’s so important for the longevity of your polish and the overall health of them. It also helps for polish to not yellow your natural nails over time. 


China Glaze – Strong Adhesion Base Coat
China Glaze – 711 China Rouge 
Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat

And there we have it! I hope you guys had a great Tuesday evening like mine, and maybe got some good tips from my usual routine! Let me know what you’re usual routine is, and if you have any other great tips or tricks to share with us!





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