Quick n’ Lovely Review: Tarte LipSurgence

Hey Pretty Lovelies!

Before we get started. I think I’m going to do a self-love tag of some sort so keep your eyes open for that!

Now, I love lip products. In fact, my drug of choice is lip products, with blush swiftly in second. I got my first Tarte LipSurgence in Exposed a few years back for my Formal look and I was a big fan. So over the holidays when I saw the set of eight mini Lip Tints by Tarte I HAD to get my hands on them. As you can see, I got them.

And boy was I disappointed. Let me go into detail.

Right to left. generous, cheerful, glee, destined

Right to left. Generous, Cheerful, Glee, Destined


Right to left. Enamored, Believe, Lovely, Grateful.

– The Look –
I love the packaging, its cute, it screams Tarte — it looks fantastic. BUT some of the packaging also throws you off the scent of the real colours going on under those lids. ESPECIALLY the light pink pencil Glee, I was SO excited for that colour and it turns out, its a dark pink, so disappointed. Now I do love a lot of these colours, Cheerful and Lovely have got to be my favourites. So if I like the colours, why am I disappointed? Keep reading.

Meet the Matte’s — they give off, obviously, a matte finish.


Right to left. Exposed, Generous, Cheerful, Glee, Destined.

Meet the shiny — they give off a more glossy buttery look.


Right to left. Enamored, Believe, Lovely, Grateful.

– Smell and Feel –
They smell of mint, yummy! The mattes feel nice and don’t dry me out too much. The glossy’s feel like a delicious butter spreading across your lips.


Right to left. Exposed, Generous, Cheerful, Glee, Destined


Right to left. Enamored, Believe, Lovely, Grateful.

– Functionality –
The pigment of the matte pencils is great, for the shiny ones, it takes a few extra swipes. Here comes the big let down… the staying power is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. Especially the ones that aren’t matte. The glossy ones come off so quickly its disgusting, its like wiping butter off. They go on very nice and the crayon tip is the perfect size, but if you are looking for your favourite colour to stay put, you will be heartbroken. What is the friggin’ point on a lip colour IF YOU HAVE TO REAPPLY EVERY MINUTE?
HOWEVER Exposed worked fine for me and still does, which is the weirdest part! I never had any reason to suspect while using this one that future purchases of the same would leave me heartbroken. It was probably that I usually used it as a base and would put a gloss over top of it.


– Downsides –
I’ll give you ONE BLOODY GUESS… Yup, the staying power is a piece of crap. Which sadly trumps the lovely packaging, smell, feeling and colours.

Would I recommend?
Absolutely not. Unless you are SERIOUSLY in love with a colour that you can’t find anywhere else and don’t mind CONSTANTLY reapplying.

So if you are looking for something similar but are now put off, I’d go with Revlon COLORBURST. Much better staying power and the packaging on the outside reflects whats on the inside.

Have you tried any of these? Did you experience the same heartbreak as me or did it stay put for you? Let me know!

Stay lovely,
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8 thoughts on “Quick n’ Lovely Review: Tarte LipSurgence

  1. Great review! I haven’t tried these, but I’ve experienced similar disappointment with other lippys. It’s so sad sometimes when you have high expectations for something and it just doesn’t live up to the hype. Revlon ColorBurst is amazing though, I tried Showy and I think I’m probably going to grab a dark matte purple for my next colour. Needs to happen before spring, but by the looks of things outside, I’ve got time haha.

  2. An American pal of mine sent me one of these, I lovvvve the scent (minty goodness) but you’re right, it didn’t have the best staying power. That being said, I’d totally buy some other shades if they were stocked in the UK!


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