Quick n’ Lovely Review: The Body Shop’s Shimmer Cubes Palette 22

Hey Pretty Lovelies!

Today was soooo, so beautiful up here just north of the GTA. We have been battling some crazy weather this year, so it was nice for some sunshine and above zero weather! This made me want to start reviewing some of my more bright and spring/summer colours. A couple of weeks ago, I was in the Body Shop restocking my usual purchases (*Look out for a review on my favourite Body Shop products coming next week!) and saw this gorgeous set of Shimmer Cubes – Palette 22. A few years back, I had bought a few products of the Body Shop’s makeup line, and wasn’t too crazy about them. Recently though, I have heard a lot of decent reviews of their makeup lately as some of the products have been reformatted…so I figured why not!


– The Look –

Packing of these shimmer cubes is…basic. I appreciate that within the cube, each eyeshadow colour has its own lid. This type of plastic packaging though, I’m overall not a fan of. It is so easy for the top lid to fall off, or loosen and break. Come on Body Shop, update this! Within the packaging, these eyeshadows look so beautiful and shimmery and totally make me think of sun, alcoholic beverages and the beach. *sigh…..*



– Smell and Feel –

The cubes don’t have any smell. They’re so densly packed with eyeshadow that to the touch they’re very hard – feels like no product will come off, but it quite easily transfers.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

– Functionality –

The cubes transfer well onto the skin, but I’m not a fan of using any brushes to apply these. I stick to my ring finger. The colours are so beautiful on the skin, but as you can see from the photo below, they come off VERY easily with one simple rinse of water and a light rub. The shadows look great and last a decent amount of time, but only when I wear an eye primer (Currently: Guerlain Ombre Eclat Base – Smoothing and Priming Base) under. This also helps to get the best possible colour payoff!


– Downsides –

Packaging, and the lasting power…but the packaging is something I can look over because of the beautiful colours, and the lasting power – well, thank goodness of priming products!

Would I recommend?
If you can get these or any of the other shimmer cube sets during one of their awesome sales, then I would say go for it. But to run to your local Body Shop tomorrow and knock down the doors before they open? Nah. I think the colour range, pigmentation and lasting power is easily found in many other lines (and you’ll probably get a better, more travel friendly package too…).

The above being said, I can’t wait to try and get some more wear of these eyeshadow cubes this Summer and my other bright and fun colours! It just makes me so excited for Spring and Summer to finally arrive.

Have you had any luck with The Body Shop’s makeup line? What are your favourites or biggest disappointments?





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