Quick n’ Lovely Review: Let’s Get Glossy

Hey Pretty Lovelies!

I recently made an order over at Sephora and if you are a regular of their online store you’ll know you get TONS of FREE samples and bundles and goodies. Well I got a VIB Lip deluxe sample Trio which has three lip glosses and boy was I excited. Little did I know I was about to meet my current favourite gloss.

Lets get down and glossy shall we?

Stila Lip Glaze in Starfruit
This product is my least favourite out of the three, but is still nice.

– The Look –
The packaging is light and soft. I’d say I’m a fan of the see-through look. It can make it look less luxurious though, so for me its targeted towards a younger audience, which is fine! One of my favourite things about these types of lip glosses is when the brush is fresh and white and untouched. Then you spend like 5 minutes cranking the thing and finally a burst of colour erupts, so fun! The colour is like a peachy mauve.

– Functionality –
I find with these you really have to get a lot of product out to have the right amount transfer onto your lips. I find myself twisting it a few times to get the look I want. I honestly feel like most of it stays on the brush. And sometimes as a result you’ll over do it and it looks like a hot mess.

– Smell and Feel –
It smells sweet and fruity which is different from other products out there. However it kind of sticks around so if it annoys you, its probably not the best for you.  The feel is gooey and really sticky, especially when you put too much on.

– Downsides –
I’d say the dispensing system and the brush aren’t that great for really getting a good bang for your buck. If you get impatient waiting for the product to come up its very easy to crank it too many times and end up with a mess of way too much product. And for me this colour isn’t perfect, but for someone else it just might be! Plus the gooey feeling isn’t ideal.

– Recommend? –
Not particularly.

Buxom Full-Bodies Lip Gloss in Yow
I am definitely a fan of this lip gloss.

– The Look –
I like the look of this, especially the handle, however its a bit bulky. The colour is a ‘blushing pink pearl’ and is just a bit darker than my ideal lip colour so I’m a fan.

– Functionality –
It goes on very nice. It has a plumping effect which I can vouch for, my lips did seem to look fuller, but if you are looking for a dramatic change, you’re knocking on the wrong door.

– Smell and Feel –
It smells of mint or caramel… I know those are different but, maybe its vanilla mint? I’m really not sure, maybe my sniffer is off haha. There is no tingle, so if tingle bugs you, this would be up your alley. It is however, sticky.

– Downsides –
The bulkiness of the package makes it not ideal for a pocket but its definitely easy to overlook if you like the product and you throw it in your bag anyway.

– Recommend? –
Yeah, I think I’d tell people to give it a go!

bareMinerals Marvelous MOXIE Lipgloss in Rebel
Meet my current favourite. My Nico Mirallegro of lip glosses… meaning I am so totally crushing on it. So obviously I saved the best for last.


– The Look –
In the photo above it looks pretty pink, but in reality its more of a mauve pink. However it is the pinkest out of the three. It is the PERFECT colour for my lips and it makes them look SO insanely nice. I love the packaging. I mean look at it, the angle on the handle is subtle but different enough to make it stand out. The wand is angled which I like a lot actually and not just for looks.

– Functionality –
The angled wand is great for application, a good amount comes out, pretty standard. The staying power is pretty standard for a lip glossy but because I like the colour so much its a joy reapplying!

– Smell and Feel –
The smell is a lovely mint so you feel very refreshed when you are wearing it. It tingles as well so that helps. The feel is glossy and… they may lose points for some of you, it IS sticky. But I really don’t mind because I love it so much. But maybe ask me on a really windy day when my hair sticks to it and I’m cursing.

– Downsides –
The sticky can be a problem for some people. Maybe the staying power… its a lip gloss so it wont stay as long as some other lips products. Otherwise, none!

– Recommend? –
I would TOTALLY recommend.

(Right to left. bareMinerals Rebel, B and Stila )

(Right to left. bareMinerals Rebel, Buxom Yow and Stila Starfruit )

So there you have it, three similar glosses and in my opinion its ranked bareMinerals, Buxom and lastly Stila!

What is your favourite gloss at the moment? Share your thoughts… so I can add them to my list!

Stay Lovely,
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