Looks I Like: Emilia Clarke


Hey Pretty Lovelies!

How are we all doing on this fine Wednesday? Both V and I are terribly busy but we didn’t want to leave you without something to pop by and read. So I thought of a series that I can so that it quick and easy and thus Looks I Like was born!

If you watch Game of Thrones you’ll know who Emilia Clarke is… or at least who her character Daenerys Targarye is. I actually don’t watch is BUT I WANT TO, so don’t get mad at me. If you don’t watch Game of Thrones you’ve probably still seen this gorgeous girl around.

Anyway onto the beauty of it all. Emilia is just a gorgeous girl to begin with which means pretty much every make-up or no make-up look I’ve seen on her looks STUNNING. Here are three of my favourite looks.

PicMonkey CollageemiliaSee? Stunning in all three. Lets go play by play shall we?

This MIGHT be my favourite make-up look. It the kind that isn’t too showy but is OH SO romantic. I mean look at the way it accentuates her beautiful features? I feel like I would want this make-up for my wedding day or any kind of formal event. I love that her brows look defined but natural, I love the pearly grey eyeshadow paired with the black liner that makes her beautiful eyes pop. I’m a SUCKER for this eye look. Absolutely. And to top it up with those peachy rosey cheeks and those lips to match? Perfection.

When I first say this look I COULD NOT stop staring. It is obviously MUCH more dramatic but I love it. The brows are much more defined and really make her eyes pop paired with the heavy grey, greenish dark smokey eye. I absolutely love the mix of colours for this look, you can see hints of green, dark grey, silver, black, brown. It actually looks like the make-up artist used her eye colour as inspiration! Love that, because it makes all the different colours of her eyes pop. Pair it with that PERFECT colour blush that goes so well with her skin and that shimmery rosey lip, so stunning, so glamorous.

Does anyone remember the splash she made when she posted this photo? What an absolute stunner. I almost prefer her without make-up! (almost). Its amazing how much confidence she has in this photo, well no wonder because she is drop dead gorgeous. I love that she embraces her natural look. I know for some of us it is SO not this easy because we might not have her flawless skin or beautiful pouty lips. But to me there is just something SO beautiful about a bare face, no matter who it is. To stand up to the world and say I am happy in my own skin is a goal some of us never reach. But the first step to finding the confidence is within you and breaking those molds that society put on you. But trust me I’m not saying make-up is bad — make-up is fun, its a creative outlet, its a confidence booster, it was made to highlight our beautiful features. So whether you ‘hide’ behind it or wear it for fun. Or whether you don’t see the point or are not sure how to apply it. Its all good. Its all relevant, its all a truth. BE YOU. BE HAPPY. Because THAT is what TRUE beauty is. And don’t let anyone give you slack for dressing up or dressing down. If you feel comfortable, then they don’t matter!

So there you have it, three of my favourite looks on the stunning Emilia Clarke. TOTAL girl crush alert.

Stay lovely,
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