Pretty Lovely Skincare Series: Arbonne RE9 Advance Line Review


Hey Pretty Lovelies!

Disclaimer: I work for Arbonne but I will be 100% honest about my experience and opinion as some products I love and other don’t work for me. This line was NOT sent to me to be reviewed, I bought it.

Lets get started on another post for our Pretty Lovely Skincare Series! By the way — are you enjoying this series? Let us know!

Arbonne RE9 Advanced
This line is our Anti-Aging line, in fact it is the #1 Anti-aging line for results on the market. YUP you read right, #1 — we beat out all the department store brands and all the other MLM brands. And I can personally say my skin was firmer after 24 hours — I was stunned. But don’t be intimidated by the word “anti-aging” focus more on “high antioxidant” which is great for anyone in their 20’s and onward! It helps to repair, prevent and regenerate from environmental damage!

IMG_0697Lets go in the order of steps shall we?

RE9 Advanced Smoothing Facial Cleanser
This stuff smells good, like oranges and citrus, very refreshing. It removes my make-up no problem — but I’m careful not to get it into my eyes. The pump produces too much for my face so I use half a pump. I like that it doesn’t make my face feel insanely dry after like some cleansers might — its nice and moisturizing. My skin always feel soft and supple after, just as promised. Its got that milky creamy texture that I really enjoy when cleaning my face. Definitely one of my favourites.

RE9 Advanced Regenerating Toner

This toner has the same refreshing citrus smell. Its pH balanced which means it keeps your Acid Mantle in place — if you use a product that isn’t the correct pH it will strip your face and cause problems like dryness, oiliness and acne, etc. I noticed an improvement within the first couple of days of using this toner. My red and bumpy cheek areas started to improve and smooth out.

RE9 Advanced Intensive Renewal Serum
Again, citrus smell — OK from here on out just know the whole line smells like orange and citrus because its full of Vitamin C. This serum is collagen-supporting that firms your skin. My face felt firmer after 24 hours, it was incredible. Now because I have a baby face and don’t have fine lines I can’t vouch for the diminishing the appearance of fine lines but I can tell you that all the other consultants I work with that use this line that are older DO NOT look their age what so ever. For me I need to use two pumps of this to evenly distribute it over my whole face.

RE9 Advance Corrective Eye Crème
This stuff feels great but I’m honestly not sure what its doing for me. That being said I do not have fine line around my eyes — also these products are all preventative so if you want to get a jump start on keeping your skin looking younger this is where to look. It also reduces puffiness and diminishes dark circles — and considering I haven’t worn concealer over the last couple of days… I think its one of those sneaky ninja products that works without you fully noticing.


RE9 Advance Restorative Day Crème SPF 20
This is the product out of the bunch that I’m not a fan of. Because of the SPF it feels a bit oily or greasy on me. I’m willing to give it a few more tries but it didn’t sweep my off my feet. Having said that it does make my face feel moisturized and doesn’t make my makeup look greasy. I think its actually getting better with more uses, I felt less oily today when I used it. *It is getting better — way less oily and greasy then when I started.

RE9 Advance Night Repair Crème
One of my favourites — hands down. It feels so creamy and lovely going on its the perfect way to end your night time skincare routine. It feels amazing and it makes you feel lovely. Its super hydrating but not greasy and I always wake up looking like a million bucks. It does give my cheeks a bit of a burning feeling sometimes, but nothing I can’t handle and I certainly don’t break out from it so this sensitive skinned girl is totally cool with it.


Any downfalls?
If you don’t like the smell of citrus this probably wont be ideal for you. The first time you use it, it may sting and bring out some impurities of the skin — but that is the point because its correcting the pH balance and problem areas. Again the moisturizer can be a bit greasy but I feel like my skin is adapting to that fact. Also the price point may be a bit much for some.


If you’re interested I can show you how to get 20%-80% off your Arbonne purchases! Just drop me a line!
Stay lovely!
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Restorative Day Crème SPF 20
Restorative Day Crème SPF 20

The 5 Year Tag


Hey Pretty Lovelies!

One of my favourite beauty bloggers and friends Kayla from Microscope Beauty tagged me in The 5 Year Tag that was created by Madeline from Cappuccino and Fashion.

The rules:
1. Answer the six questions below.
2. Tag six people to do this tag.
3. Mention that the tag was created by Madeline at Cappuccino and Fashion

Here are my answers:

1. How long have you been blogging?
Far to long to know the actual year count. But V and I started Pretty Lovely Girls in January — and I am so glad we did.

2. Do you think you’ll still be blogging in 5 years?
The odds are pretty good. It feeds my soul — and I don’t think that feeling will end any time soon. I would love for this blog to still be around in 5 years with loads of new ideas and with lots of growth.

3. What is something you want to improve/change about your blog?
I would love to do more looks — I just feel like my iPhone doesn’t capture them well so I’m patiently waiting to get a good camera. Other than that I hope V and I are always changing and evolving but while still keeping our roots. Whats so fun about staying the same? 😉

4. Who do you hope you will still be blogging friends with in a few years?
Definitely Kayla — she’s a gem. Obviously V but we’ve been friends since high school so… Anyone I meet and have a connect with really. Come say hi!

5. Whet keeps you going when it comes to blogging?
I love taking the photos and I love writing so really everything. If I keep consistent with it I never want to stop but if I let myself slow down it can be easy to forget how fun it is and how awesome it feels to accomplish a post.

6. Where do you find inspiration when you’re stuck?
My favourite blogs and my Bloglovin’ feed — where else? haha

I tag the following lovelies!

Carly at Beauty and The Blog
Tanya at Simple Steadman
Hannah at Dimples Diaries
Laura at Lipsticks and Tea Cups
Jules at Lippy Likes
Miss LJ at Miss LJ Beauty

Anyone else that wants to take part — PLEASE SO!

Stay lovely,
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My HOLY GRAIL Body Scrub


Hey Pretty Lovelies!

Ok, I’ve found it — the scrub the rule all other scrubs! (Please tell me there is at least ONE Lord of The Rings fan among our readers…)

I’m going to start off by telling you that I officially work for Arbonne now. HOWEVER I will always be 100% completely honest about the products I review from the various Arbonne lines. I think here at Pretty Lovely Girls we pride ourselves on always being honest with our readers. With that said — I purchased this for my business and it was not sent to be reviewed. Now lets get down and scrubby…


Arbonne Awaken Sea Salt Scrub – $36
This bad boy consists of sea salt and essential oils!

– The Look –
When my scrub first arrived I was surprised at the size! I thought it would be so much smaller — but it is a great size. Pretty standard packaging but the label screams aroma therapy to me — which is great because its part of their Aromassentials Line.

– The Function –
Well considering I already told you its my holy grail and it rules all other scrubs I think its safe to say you know its outstanding — which it is! It INSTANTLY transforms your skin from that scaly, dull, dry canvas to beautiful, radiant, smooth and silky. I for sure thought I would need at least two visits to the shower with this bad boy to get some results — NOPE. It also comes with a little scooper to stir and scoop… it separates so stirring is a must.


– The Feel and Smell –
The sea salt feels amazing and you instantly feel those essential oils working their way into your skin to do their job. The smell… well its very aroma therapy. It has lemon and coriander and I can smell some lemon but its not overpowering and I have no idea what coriander even smells like so, couldn’t tell you if it smells of it! The smell does have a presence, but if you have a sensitive sniffer like me — don’t be afraid, you get used to it. It also dies down after a while.


– Downsides –
In the catalogue it says it is for all skin types except sensitive — however I claim to have sensitive skin and it didn’t bug my skin one bit! Upside of Arbonne? There is a 45 day return policy if you don’t like a product, so try it and if its not for you, send’er back! Also the smell might be much for some. Also the oil does get onto the package so just be mindful of where you put it down and be sure to wipe it off after use.

– Recommend? –
YES ABSOLUTELY. All of their products are vegan and botanically based and their mantra is Pure, Safe and Beneficial — aka its safe for you!

(Tip: You can’t purchase from Arbonne without a consultants ID # — lucky you, you know one and she’s right here!)

Have you tried anything from Arbonne before? Or are you just curious to hear more?

Stay lovely,
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All I Want for Spring Wishlist: V’s edition!

Hey Pretty Lovelies!

Given the weather this weekend, and after doing some sad window shopping this afternoon (why is payday not until tomorrow!!!! The struggle is real), I thought I would do my own version of T’s Spring Wishlist post that you can find here. These are the bitties that I’m saving up for/drooling over to try in the next few months!


Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 8.23.57 PM.jpg
1. Zoeva – Naturally Yours Palette $20.00 USD
After watching Pixiwoo’s most recent Khloe Kardashian video, I want this palette. Just amazing colours and absolutely right up my alley for my most used colour scheme.

2. Estee Lauder Day Wear BB Cream $39.00
I’ve always wanted to try this, as I’ve continuously heard amazing things. Whenever the weather gets nicer I always tend to reach for the lightest possible coverage products to get me through those sticky days.

3. Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher 25 GBP
I’ve been seeing this used a lot recently in many youtube tutorial and favourite videos…and I’ve heard it’s much better than the similar YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch. I’m just so curious about her entire line!

4. Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow 38.50 GBP
I have a slight obsession with primers, and I must say it’s getting a little out of hand – so no wonder why this is on the list!

5. Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade $18.00
I think everyone and their mothers have this on their wishlist. It has been in so many recent videos that I’ve watched lately and I think will really become a staple in my eyebrow routine. Beautiful!

6. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recover Complex II $105.00
Nothing shocking about this one – I think everyone knows that I’ve wanted to try this forever, just haven’t had the gut to pull the trigger on it yet due to its pricetag…but as of more recently I absolutely have been budgeting more for my skincare vs. makeup, so this Spring may be the time I finally try it out!

7. Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set $68.00 USD
I have been wanting this set for MONTHS now ever since I started hearing the rumour mill about Zoeva brushes. But everytime I’ve got an email saying it’s back in stock, it’s gone again! Ohhhhh maybe one day the heavens will allow us to finally meet and spend happily ever after together.

Wish me luck on sticking to my budget to try all of these amazing products out this Spring! (and of course, write some reviews!)
Have you made your Spring wishlist yet? What is on it?



Very Inspiring Award Nomination

The amazing Jackie Nicole from Lovely Babbles nominated us for her ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ Award! Wow! We can’t say thanks enough – and of course we are huge fans of her space, so be sure to check it out! Click Here to go directly to her Blog Lovin’ page. I love how this award is not just for those in the Beauty Bloggin’ world – it’s nice to have a nomination go around that can be shared across all blogging genres!
Award Rules
1. Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you.
2. List the rules and display the award.
3. Share seven things/facts about your self.
4.Nominate fifteen other amazing blogs and and comment on their blogs to let them know you nominated them and provide a link your post.
5. Optional: Proudly display the award logo anywhere on your blog e.g. sidebar and follow the person who nominated you.
Seven Facts About Me:
1. I have two cats – George and Pipe – both rescues who are my children. I really don’t even think there would be any room for some real babies up in here. They’re my little monkeys.

Pipe – 2 year old female

2. I spent my 2012 Christmas Day on an Elephant Conservation reserve in Thailand. Needless to say, it was one of the most awesome and magical moments in my recent years.
3. I have a pretty big obsession with the Boston Bruins (NHL team) – I even caved and put one of those silly stickers on my car during playoffs last year…something I told myself I’d never do!
4. Following the whole obsessions theme…I recently got insanely into the show ‘Scandal’ starring Kerry Washington. If you haven’t yet checked it out and are looking for one of the best shows I’ve ever watched, then I would strongly suggest it. She is the most badass lead female that I’ve seen in a show probably ever. 4699bfee3c6a8b7ddb8026e41a113aec
5. I have two tattoos – but I don’t want to tell you what they are because it’s embarassing ;). Maybe once we get to know eachother a little better, eh? (for you non Canadians…just ignore the ‘eh’)
6. If I didn’t have five+ alarm clocks screaming at me every morning I would never wake up. Days that I don’t have any set I can easily stay in bed til 3-4pm. I think I was a zombie in another life.
7. I confess that I recently got rid of my iPhone 5 and jumped ship to an Android phone (the Nexus) and I must say…I am so happy I did. I know it’s taboo to ever admit that you don’t miss an Apple product – but alas! I don’t! At all!
Thanks again to Jackie Nicole for the recognition, and below are our picks for the Very Inspiring Award! Can’t wait to read all of your responses to the questions :).



Pretty Lovely Skincare Series: Tori’s Nighttime Routine


Hey Pretty Lovelies!

V and I decided to do a Pretty Lovely Skincare Series because we’ve both gotten really into it and we both believe its seriously important to take care of your skin! So here is the first post of our series!

It’s interesting for me to sit here and write this post because not even three months ago I barely gave a rats ass about skincare. Sure I washed my face… once, in the morning. (I shutter at the thought). But it wasn’t until V mentioned Caroline Hirons to me and the Body Talk she did with Pixiwoo, you can watch it here. After a while something she said about skincare stuck in my head — “you’ve only got once face”  and I kept going back to her site daily. I realized I DID care about my skin. How dare I care so much about make-up but not the skin I’m putting it on? Seems bat shit backwards to me.

So I browsed through her website endlessly until I found her Routines Cheat sheet and based on her advice, no foaming cleansers, yes to acid toners, yes to cleansing balms, etc. I came up with my own personalized routine and I have to tell you. I AM IN LOVE!


Here is how it goes!

1. Clinique Wash The Day Off Cleansing Balm $35
I absolutely love this stuff. It feels amazing, it does what it says and it leaves me feeling extremely clean. I definitely notice a difference in how my skin feels if I miss out on using it for a night and just go for a cleansing gel or milk.
How I apply: I take a bit on my fingers, amount varies for different faces, and start with my eyes really making sure to rub that make-up away, basically I give my eyes a nice lovely massage. Then I spread it around my face to get all the other make-up and grim from the day. Finally I wet a CLEAN washcloth (yes I use a clean one every time as per Caroline’s orders) and take the product off.
Downsides: NONE! Love it, will absolutely buy again and again. Would recommend endlessly.


2. Vichy Refreshing Cleansing Milk
This stuff has stolen my heart. It smells amazing, it feels incredible and it leaves me skin feeling absolutely amazing. Marry. me. now. They have a soothing one for dry skin, this one is geared towards normal to combination sensitive skin.
How I apply: With my fingers, I take a small amount and massage it into my skin. Now the bottle says to not rinse, but I do with a wet cloth.
Downsides: That I don’t have an endless supply of it.


3. Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner
At first I didn’t notice a difference in my skin… until I noticed a SERIOUS difference in my skin. Whether its the product itself or how well it works with my other products my once DRY ASS SKIN is now not dry. This was a miracle considering the winter we had here in Canada. My skin is brighter and much, much, less dry! Its a chemical toner which means no seriously irritating beads for my sensitive skin.
How I apply: With a cotton pad I gently rub all over my face avoiding my eye, although I make sure to go over the eyebrows. Then I let it set for a minute as the bottle recommends before moving on to the next step.
Downsides: It can be a subtle product so don’t be disappointed if you don’t notice a different right away.


4. Vichy Thermal Spa Water
This stuff just feels so damn refreshing! It’s nice on irritated areas to sooth and heal.
How I apply: I press that button and mist all over my face. I was so scared at first, silly me, but just go for it and you’ll get the swing of things.
Downsides: Another subtle product but for me its another way to enjoy my nighttime routine and feel pampered.


5. Indeed Labs Hydraluron
V made me get this stuff and I AM SO GLAD SHE DID! Because it completely transformed my face which was COVERED in dry flaky patches to a fresh face that felt hydrated!
How I apply: I squeeze out a small amount, maybe like pinky nail sized and with my fingertips, I massage it all over and let it tighten before moving on to the next step.
Downsides: NONE… maybe that I don’t have an endless supply of it.


6. Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer
This is actually a product V got me onto back in the day. I have serious issues with moisturizers not sinking in and hydrating my skin. This one ALWAYS makes me feel hydrated.
How I apply: With my fingertips, the pump dispenses the perfect amount for my face.
Downsides: Not that my skin isn’t STUPIDLY dry anymore and more towards the normal/combination/oily it can make my face feel a little oily… probably due to the SPF. But I have such a hard time finding a good one that I’m sticking to this one for a while.

What are some of your favourite skincare products? Share them with us in the comments below!

***NOTE: Since I wrote this I’ve actually started to make the switch to all vegan botanically based products (Arbonne), so expect a skin care series for those of you who like all natural and safe products.

Stay lovely,
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