All I Want for Spring Wishlist Part 2


all I want to springpart2Hey Pretty Lovelies,

If you thought I was just really good at self restraint and that is why I only posted six things on my original All I Want for Spring Wishlist then you were obviously wrong because I couldn’t stop myself from making a Part 2. Whoops.

springwish2edit1. Essie Nail Polish in Bangle Jangle
I have wanted to get a lilac/lavendar nail polish for ages but every time I pick one up in the shops I put it back down, telling myself I just don’t need it. WELL, its Spring… so I need it. Damn Essie and their wide range of prettiful colours.

2. Bobbi Brown Nude Glow Eye Palette
I mean come on, just LOOK at how romantic and pretty that palette looks? Forget about the fact that it will cost me an arm and a leg. I WANT IT. It’s just so pretty, everything about it, the colours together, the packaging. UGH. Will I actually splurge? Who the hell knows… please keep me away from the Bobbi Brown counter.

3. ILIA Lipstick
I already have a ILIA lip crayon that I love, thanks to my lovely sister Sandy. So I want to venture out and get one of their organic lipsticks. I’m not totally sure on the colour yet, but it WILL be a pink or a nude I’m sure. I’m leaning towards the one in the photo — In My Room or Funnel of Love.

4. YSL La Laque Couture
These two shades look like the perfect Spring shades to me. A nude and a pink, you can’t go wrong. I haven’t tried the YSL nail polish line so I’m going off reviews, here is hoping if I spend the money they are flawless… they better be at that price.

5. theBalm Nudetude Palette
I love nudes… the colours are romantic and the looks you can create are amazing. I want those greys SO BADLY. And all the others, of course. I think when I end up getting a nude palette it will be this one over the Urban Decay Naked palette.

6. Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Lip Gloss
I LOVE the packaging and I LOVE lip gloss so… its a no brainer. These lip glosses have been stalking me lately and It’s about time I get one. I am loving the colours — who am I kidding I want like all of them. It’ll be a a decision in the moment I’m sure. But maybe Streak… or Liar or Rule34 or… ok this could go on for a while.

There you have it — the Part 2 to my Spring Wishlist. Have you tried anything on my list? Any recommendations?

Stay lovely,

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