Monthly Comment Giveaway: April



*Disclaimer — the products in the photos are not part of the giveaway. The prizes will be a surprise. (Though they COULD include these products)

Hey Pretty lovelies!

We love connecting and interacting with you so we thought of a new way to make that happen. We are starting a MONTHLY comment giveaway.

The rules are simple!

Comment as much or a little as you’d like but know that the more you comment the greater your chance of being selected for a surprise prize!

The Rules:
1. You can only comment ONCE on each post. (Well you can comment more than once if you want but only ONE will be counted on a single post)
2. Comments under 15 words will NOT be considered.
3. NO SPAM — You will be blocked and deleted. (i.e just your blog link, just your email, you get the picture)
4. You can absolutely comment on past posts.

A winner will be selected during the first week of the following month. So April’s winner will be chosen and announced in the first week of May… and so on and so forth.


Alright, so what are you waiting for? Lets get chatting!

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22 thoughts on “Monthly Comment Giveaway: April

  1. Always love your blog posts! The graphics are super cute too! Plus your advice on products mean I don’t waste money on stuff that isn’t good value.

    • We just started in January and we LOVE it! We are so thankful to those we’ve met along the way. So happy to hear you are enjoying our blog, can’t wait to check yours out! We definitely wanted more interaction 🙂 More friends that way haha.
      xo T

  2. This seems like such a lovely idea to engage readers! I’d have trouble trying to decide on the prizes. I always have such a hard time because I want to give away everything!!

    Great idea!!!!!

  3. I really like this blog! I’m always looking forward to new blogpost and they never disappoint me! This blog is definitely one of my favorites! xxx

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