Monthly Comment Giveaway: April – WINNER

april giveaway

Hey pretty lovelies!

Last month we started a Monthly Comment Giveaway. There were a TON of great comments and feedback so keep commenting for your chance to win prizes! We are so grateful to all of you that commented!

We have revised the rules if you would like to enter for May:

The Rules:
1. Only ONE comment per post will count.
2. Comments under 10 words will NOT be considered.

3. NO SPAM — You will be blocked and deleted. (i.e just your blog link, just your email, you get the picture)
4. You can absolutely comment on past posts.
5. Leave a way for us to contact you. (i.e your blog link, email, Twitter username, etc)

Below we reveal the SURPRISE Prizes for APRIL:

We are so happy to announce that Paige from Little Miss Paige has won our APRIL Monthly Comment Giveaway. Congratulations!!

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 6.27.49 PM

Don’t forget to enter for May lovelies, there is still time!

Stay Lovely,
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