Nail Product Addict Tag


Hey Pretty Lovelies!

The stunning Bee from The Beauty Locker tagged us in this fun tag called Nail Product Addict Tag! Make sure to check out her blog — its fantastic! So lets get too it.

Favourite nail treatment product?
Cake Milk Made Smoothing Hand and Cuticle Buffer.


Favourite luxury brand?
Butter for sure, every time I see a Butter Nail Polish I want it — their colours are amazing.

Favourite drugstore brand?
L’Oreal — I’ve been really impressed with them this summer.

Best eye-catching red?
I’m more of a pink nail polish girl but the two reds I have are from Joe Fresh — Apple (bright) and Wine (dark).


Most disappointing nail polish/product?
I had this amazing glittery gold nail polish from OPI called Bring on The Bling and it didn’t even last me a year, it got all clumpy and gross, but I still keep it around because its my absolute favourite and if I’m careful enough I can still use it.

Basecoat – yes or no?
You know what I don’t do a basecoat, but I should definitely try it sometime!

Favourite topcoat?
I have a Finger Paints Top Coat.


Favourite summer shade?
As you saw in the Summer Lovin’ Tag I am in love with L’Oreal’s Orange You Jealous.


Favourite winter shade?
I love me some sparkle in winter so I usually rotate OPI’s Bring on The Bling, Rising Star, Get in The Express Lane and Essie’s Penny Talk.



Mention something extra!
I have been DYING to do a french manicure with a neon yellow/green tip. Seriously — this has to happen.

Fun stuff, thanks for tagging us Bee!

I tag:
Beky Lou from Beky Lou
Kayla from Microscope Beauty
Kaitlyn from From Runways to Realways
Carly from Beauty and The Blog
Jenny from Jenny’s Everyday Life
Kristy from Kizzy Hearts

Stay Lovely,
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