Fall Time Favourites

Fall Time Favourites

Hey Pretty Lovelies,

I’ve been MIA lately thanks to life, work and school so I thought to get myself back in the swing of things I’ll start doing shorter posts more frequently. We will see how that goes… keep me honest!

Here are some of my fall favourites this season for accessories!

The weather here in Toronto has been pretty back and forth so depending on the day I can rock my mock moccasins. I love that these can both scream summer or fall to me. The other pair are great for dressing up or dressing casual, love it!

The festival backpack is great for the transition between summer and fall. And the old school inspired school bag screams being at school while the leaves are changing.

I love these pieces of jewelry. I am a SUCKER for a fake leather wrap around bracelet.  The other bracelet I got from either my mom or my grandmothers jewelry collection, I love the vintage vibe, especially for fall. The two rings are classics, I always make my way back to them.


I can’t leave out my fox ring which I am crazy about. Foxes are my favourite animal, how adorable is that thing!

What have been some of your fall favourites?!

Stay lovely!
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16 thoughts on “Fall Time Favourites

  1. You have some really lovely shoes, in fact all of your things are really pretty. Very Jealous Right Now! Your little fox ring is oh so very cute.


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