Microscope Beauty Swap

microscope beauty swap

Hey pretty lovelies!

A few months ago Kayla from Microscope Beauty and I “met” during a Beauty Blogger chat on Twitter — we’ve been friends ever since and I’m so grateful that this blog brought on a new friendship.

A while ago we decided to do a beauty swap of things we can’t get in our countries, etc. And last week Kayla surprised the hell out of me by telling me she was spending the weekend in Toronto to go to an EssieButton meet and greet so we would get to do our swap in person!

It was so lovely meeting her and her boyfriend Alex, they’re so fun and so friendly! I felt like we got along great. The EssieButton meet and greet was CRAZY. When we arrived there was like 30ish people there, but then the numbers just kept rising! They swarmed her — I seriously would have been so scared and yet so flattered.

Lets get into the amazing, beautiful and wonderful beauty goodies that Kayla generously spoiled me with!


theBalm – Nudetude Palette


If you remember my Spring Wishlist you’ll know this palette was on it. It was a SERIOUS wish that I didn’t think I’d ever actually get. But OF COURSE the amazing Kayla got it for me! I was SO surprised and so overjoyed (Thank youuuu!!!). It is a beautiful palette and all the colours look like satin on. I feel spoiled enough getting this alone!

And this BRUSH. OH MY GOD. Seriously — it is amazing. I never even cared about it when it was on my wishlist but I was so happy to find out its amazing, especially when I’m using eyeshadow for eyeliner. LOVE IT. Plus she was brilliant and got me the one with the cheeky pin-up girls — aren’t they cute? I’m in love.

Urban Decay
– Naked Ultra Nourishing Lip Gloss in Rule 34

Kayla also spoiled me with another thing from my wishlist, right down to the colour — Rule 34 was one of the colours I was totally digging. And I have to say, I love it on! It is a GREAT nude with a darker tint.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in 95 Sleek & Spice and 55 Inked in Pink


In one of our many conversations I had mentioned, or she had asked if I had any of these and I didn’t. So she grabbed me these two beautiful colours! I haven’t tried them yet but I am so excited too!

Milani Baked Blush in 01 Dolce Pink

I’ve never seen this cosmetics company in Canada so I’m excited to try this blush! I didn’t photograph it but it has a brush and mirror that opens up in the bottom, super cool and handy for on the go!

Essence Match 2 Cover Cream Concealer

Concealer scares me so I’m glad she added this to my make-up bag for me. Another one I can’t wait to try.

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Illuminating Primer

I had never heard of this make-up company before I got this so I was really curious about it. The feel reminds me a lot of the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser. I’ve only tried it once so I don’t have much to report yet but I’m sure I’ll do a review!

Rings & Tings

And lastly I was so surprised to see she gave me two rings from Rings and Tings. I LOVE the heart ring, the silver one is a bit big for me but I am totally turning it into a necklace.

Overall this swap was AMAZING, I am so glad we did it and Kayla seriously spoiled me.

Have you ever done a beauty swap?

Stay lovely,
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Pretty Lovely Haul – A Shoppers Run

a pretty lovely haulHey Pretty Lovelies!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. A little update on me, I recently decided to take part in 100 Happy Days! I think this movement is awesome. I mean what more could you ask for, its a challenge that makes you happy! Wonderful! You can pop over to my personal Instagram here, if you’d like to keep up with my journey with that. Let me know if you are taking part or thinking about taking the plunge.

Now onto things that make us both happy, beauty products! Shoppers is my vice, I swear. It may even be a worse love affair than Lush. (But that love affair I talk about here) For our UK followers, Shoppers Drug Mart is like our version of Boots!

Now onto the goodies.


For some time now I’ve been meaning to try the whole purple shampoo thing. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, purple shampoo is made for us colour treated blondes who want to keep it light and not coppery. Basically it helps keep that beautiful colour.

Now for me shampoo is either a hit or a SERIOUS miss. I have thin, fine hair that gets oily FAST. So if something is too soothing, I’m practically greasy right away, and if something isn’t soothing enough because I’m colour treated it can look like hay/straw, which must make my hair look seriously appetizing to horses. So I am ALWAYS scared to try a new shampoo. Funny enough I usually have luck with Head and Shoulders. But I wanted to venture out and try something a little more specific to my hair.

John Frieda Sheer BlondeColour Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo and Conditioner
I have to say so far, after only two days of usage mind you, I am LOVING this shampoo and conditioner combo! It’s just the right amount of soothing, it smells nice, it’s great.
The shampoo has a lovely lather, nothing bad to say here!
The conditioner, funny enough doesn’t feel very soothing when you’re putting it in your hair and rinsing it, but my hair comes out feeling manageable and soft to the touch once blown dry!
Would I recommend? YES!

I am a lip product fanatic. It’s a problem.

So I’ve been wanting this ever since I first saw it and I finally made the plunge this weekend. I have a serious crush on the packaging. It’s super weird to apply, but I think that’s because I did it straight from the brush to lips. Next time I’m definitely using my fingers for an easier application. It comes out a lot more purple on me than I would have liked but I have no doubt I will rock this wicked colour at some point, especially once the sun starts shining here in Toronto again and I don’t have to wear my freaking parka.
Would I recommend? If you can, try it first to see if its your thing, but YES I would recommend.

RimmelLasting Finish by Kate Moss in 101
I LOVE pink lip colours and after V got me my first Kate lipstick I’ve been dying to add to my collection. 101 is a pretty pale pink colour that I already love rocking. It has decent staying power, except if you haven’t seen your boyfriend all weekend and a hello kiss turns into about fifteen hello kisses. (The colour looks good on his too… haha only kidding, kind of.)
Would I recommend? Yes sir, I would!

So canned water, “Pffft! Yeah right, like I’d buy CANNED WATER!” Don’t worry, I’ve already happily eaten my words.

VichyThermal Spa Water
So I really wanted La Roche Posay’s Serozinc but thanks to the fact that they are total buttheads and don’t sell it in Canada I am shit out of luck. But I wanted something that was soothing for redness and irritation. So I started looking into canned waters. And this weekend I opted for Vichy’s instead of La Roche Posay Thermal Spa Water because the benefits list was longer and it was just a bit cheaper. I use it during my morning and night skin care routine and I am lovely it. It feels nice and refreshing going on and then it leaves your face feeling warm and lovely! I also notice the redness on my skin goes down after I use it. Plus I put it on my burn (curling iron I hate you) a few days after the event and its made it much less irritated.
Would I recommend? Yes! Its not totally needed but I would say its a lovely treat. If you really love skin care and feeling pampered, get it!

ClarinsGentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner
I’ve just realized, I put this product in the photo even though I didn’t get it during this haul. But why not put in a few words?! Firstly, I like using it. Secondly, I didn’t think I noticed a difference. Until I went to the root of what its meant to do. Have I had dry patches lately, no! Which is huge for me. And I’ve noticed my complexion in certain areas has gotten brighter. I like this version of an exfoliator because its not harsh on my sensitive skin. I jumped on this one because of Caroline Hirons and I think I’ll stay on it.
Would I recommend? Yes, especially if you find grainy exfoliators too rough and if your skin is sensitive. Exfoliating is important!

IMG_9622And last but certainly not least!

VichyRefreshing Cleansing Milk
This has to be the new star of my skincare routine. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I would have its babies if I could. It’s geared towards sensitive, normal to combination skin. It feels LOVELY and creamy going on and leaves my face feeling warm and clean. And there is something about the smell that is absolutely wonderful, its soothing, its lovely.
Would I recommend? YES! More than anything else in this post!

Have you gotten anything from your local drugstore lately? What is your favourite skin care product right now?

Stay lovely,
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Shoppers Haul Part II

Hey everyone!

As promised here is the second part of my Shoppers haul. I went again over the weekend (I had to get the Rimmel bronzer V was gushing about) so I added the couple of things from that visit as well! I had a lot of fun taking these photos, so enjoy!

First up is some lip service. One thing you will surely come to notice is I am a SUCKER for all things lip related. Gloss, crayon, balm, lipstick, you name it and I’ll gush.

Revlon Colorburst matte in Elusive – Funny enough I got this on a whim, I had NO idea how big it was or that it was new. But so glad I got it. I LOVE it.
Annabelle Lipstick Crayon in Bubble (can you tell I like pink?) – A tad chalky, but the colour is awesome, you’ll see swatches in the future for sure.
Quo lipsticks in 3 and 6 – Got these for my Canadian series.
Vasanti tinted lipbalm in Cancun – LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. The colour, the feel, LOVE.

I was in some serious need of lip liners (I know I claim to love all things lip, but my makeup collection is missing out). So I went for a pink and a nude.

Lise Watier Waterproof Lip Crayon in Soft Coral – I have to say I am a little disappointed, its hard to see on my lips and therefore hard to create a good liner base.
Revlon Lipliner in Nude – Again disappointed, its SUPER dark for a nude, in my opinion.

Anyone have any advice for lip liners?

I had to try Babyskin because EVERYONE is raving about it. Hydraluron is a LIFESAVER for my dry skin, big thanks to V for telling me about it.

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser – Well… unfortunately I am disappointed. I didn’t even notice ANYTHING different about my skin. And my makeup didn’t stay on for even half the day! So for me it was a flop, though I’m willing to try again. And if I don’t dig it, off it goes to V (I already gave her the second one, I bought two in anticipation of loving it).
Hydraluron – IN LOVE with this product. If you have dry skin like me, put it on after cleansing/before your moisturizer, it helps lock moisture in. Yay!

This is a pretty accurate representation of the blush to bronzer ratio in my makeup collection. I’ve always been way more into blush than bronzer.

Marcelle cream blush in Coral – AH! I can’t tell you how much I love this blush. Well I could, but instead look out for a post of my blush collection. In short, it stays, its build-able and the colour is PERFECT.
Vasanti Luminous Cream Blush in Pinnacle – Super fun colour, great product!
Maybelline Master Glazed Blush Stick in Just Pinched Pink 10– I was super curious and I liked the colour when I tested it in Shoppers. Haven’t worn it yet!
Rimmel Nautral Bronzer – This one is V’s fault! She made it sound so damn good in her post.

I got this Quo set on sale, my favourite is the face palette, then the eye shadow palette and lastly the lip palette.


Quo Face Palette – The colours are a bit darker in person, sorry that the photo doesn’t accurately portray it! But I LOVE the colours. Unfortunately the palette doesn’t have a name that I can see, but it is going to be great for contouring!

Quo Eye Shadow Palette – The colour pay off of this is big, I was actually shocked them I put on the gold colour and it was very pigmented.

Quo Lip Palette – I haven’t actually warn any of these yet, but they’ll be great for my Canadian series!

Lastly this duo, by Vastanti which I just HAD to have.

Vasanti Silky Eyeshadow Duo in Vegas Strip – I love the name of it! Let me mention, the right eyeshadow is a lot more purple in person. This photo makes it look like a dark rosey pink, but its a dark plum purple. I wore this the other day, V loved the look! So I’ll definitely be doing it for the Canadian series.

Also as those of us with cats know… Bear just had to be a part of the fun.


Hope you enjoyed lovelies! Again, any good advice on lip liners?

Stay lovely,
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My Shoppers Haul – Part I

Hey everyone,

While I was visiting home this weekend I nipped over to Shoppers Drug Mart and put a serious dent in my bank account… but I was doing it for you! So not to worry, you can thank me later.

I picked up some products from Canadian cosmetic brands, (Annabelle, Quo, Vasanti, Marcelle) because in the future I’m planning on doing a series of looks made with ONLY Canadian products. Which I am oh so excited for! So stay tuned for that. I also got some stuff from Revlon, Essie and Maybelline.

Here is Part I of my wonderful Shoppers Haul (P.S. I’m so jealous of all you UK people who get to say Boots Haul ;))

Annabelle is a Canadian based cosmetics company and I am oh so excited to use these roll on eyeshadows and liners to do some looks for you! So far I’ve noticed each eyeshadow is metallic, glittery and fun!

I just HAD to get my hands on Penny Talk by Essie after seeing Megan Joy review it on her blog! I practically ran home to throw it on. I noticed it started to wear really fast, but I also did it really quickly and didn’t put a top coat on. So I’m going to bring it with me to get my nails done this week and give it a real go! Thanks Megan! I also got Enuf is Enuf which is such a fun pink colour and you can never have enough of those!

As soon as I saw this colour I had to have it, I mean its called Echantmint, come on! They have other colours as well, see them here! Naturally, I wanted them all, but I stuck with one to get the feel for the product. It was the one purchase I just HAD to do a look with ASAP so lucky for me I got to use it for my girlfriends birthday dinner on Sunday. (You may have seen the look on our Instagram: @prettylovelygirls, follow and we’ll follow back!) Its a little hard to deal with, but it was my first time using it so I’ll give it a few goes. I found blending it with other colours is a total must! (unless you’re going under the eye as a liner) Also its hypo-allergenic!

Here is a sneak peak at some of the other products I got, but I’ll have a post for them up before you know it! I got a lot of Quo stuff (see those palettes?) that I am super stoked to use for my Canadian looks!

Stay lovely,
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