The Pretty Lovely Liebster Award Part II

Hey everyone,

We are so very lucky! The lovely Charlotte of A Little Touch of Charlotte has nominated us for our second Liebster award. See our first post here if you’d like to see the questions and answers from Aurélie Blondin‘s nomination and learn about the Liebster award.


1. Which beauty or make up brand would you really love to try?
T: Soap and Glory, V raves about it. Can’t believe I haven’t tried it yet!
V: I really want to try Inglot – everytime I see peoples palettes in their videos my heart gets heavy!
2. What is  your all time favourite beauty product?
T: Oh my… can I say my Real Technique brushes? Those or my Marcelle Cream Blush in Coral (Comes up a lot for me doesn’t it?)
V: RT Brushes, for the win. Changed the way I was able to apply my makeup (and my wallet liked it as well)
3. What do you think the best thing about blogging is?
T: Everything! I just love it, taking photos, writing, putting it all together, getting feedback, connecting with others. Love it all.
V: Getting to add my opinions into the melting pot of the beauty community.
4. Do you have a favourite place? If so where is it?
T: Oh, hard question! My imagination… 🙂
V: So far…it has to be the Lampang Elephant Conservation Centre in Lampang, Thailand. Spent Christmas day there last year, and it was the most magical place.
5. Who do you admire?
T: My brother. I’ve watched him take quite the journey of self discovery. He seriously inspires me.
V: My sister. Her strength, ability to get what she wants. Always knows what to say when needed.
6. If you could give one piece of advice to your 5-years-ago self what would it be?
T: Be persistent with the things you love and tell mom and dad they HAVE to push you to pursue your dreams.
V: Don’t stop doing what you love. Tell the ones you love more often how much you do.
7. Do you prefer a dramatic lip or a dramatic eye?
T: Right now definitely a dramatic lip. I feel like my eyes are a weird shape and I’m still trying to master them.
V: Eyes, for sure.
8. How do you treat yourself after a long day?
T: A snuggle with my cat, a hot bath and a cup of tea or a glass of red wine.
V: Red Wine, bubble bath, listening to the record of choice for the evening (I’m about to do such right now!)9. What is your favourite thing about yourself?
V: My inability to ever be satisfied, to ever settle.
T: My ability to still be a child while being a grown woman.
10. What is the thing that you have done that you are most proud of?
V: Standing up for what I think is right, for what I believe in. It has taken me a long time to build such confidence, but it has been life changing. 
T: My ability to choose to fight. I’ve learned I can be very courageous in the face of adversity… but it didn’t start out that way.
11. What is your favourite make-up brand that isn’t quite as well known?
T: I’ve really been enjoying the Canadian brand Vasanti! (They could totally be well known, but I just found out about them!)
V: Hmmm….I must say I don’t think I’ve really ever used a brand that isn’t very well known!liebster-award1
Right, now for the nominations! We nominate the following blogs, who have to answer our questions below and nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers!

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Lauren Birch from Birch Beauty
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The questions we want you lovely people to answer are:

1. If you could buy an entire store, which one would it be?
2. If I were to give you a plane ticket to anywhere, money aside, where would you go right this second?
3. What beauty product absolutely has to be in your bag all the time?
4. What beauty product is your favourite right now?
5. What beauty product did everyone else LOVE but you didn’t?
6. If you could have any celebrity as your best friend who would it be?
7. What is one beauty product that you wish would come back/you stocked up on before it disappeared?
8. Bold lips, or sultry eyes?
9. If you could own one beauty brand, which would it be?
10. How old were you when you began your beauty obsession?
11. Drugstore foundation or high end?

A big HUGE thanks the Charlotte, you’re so lovely and sweet! 🙂

Stay lovely,

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