MONTHLY Giveaway

Here at Pretty Lovely Girls we wanted to encourage a lot more interaction and friendship! So we decided to start a Monthly Comment Giveaway in April.

Each month will have a few goodies or one big prize for you to enjoy. So far each month will have SURPRISE prizes.

Here are the rules:

1. Only ONE comment per post will count.
2. Comments under 10 words will NOT be considered.

3. NO SPAM — You will be blocked and deleted. (i.e just your blog link, just your email, you get the picture)
4. You CAN absolutely comment on past posts.
5. Leave a way for us to contact you. (i.e your blog link, email, Twitter username, etc)

So what are you waiting for? Get commenting!

Past month PRIZES and winners:

MAY – McKenna (Michigan, US) Mrs. McKenna McKay


APRIL – Paige (Bedfordshire, UK) Little Miss Paige 

June/July – Lucehh (Australia) Lucehhh & Cathy (UK) Cathy & Cupcakes


9 thoughts on “MONTHLY Giveaway

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