The 5 Year Tag


Hey Pretty Lovelies!

One of my favourite beauty bloggers and friends Kayla from Microscope Beauty tagged me in The 5 Year Tag that was created by Madeline from Cappuccino and Fashion.

The rules:
1. Answer the six questions below.
2. Tag six people to do this tag.
3. Mention that the tag was created by Madeline at Cappuccino and Fashion

Here are my answers:

1. How long have you been blogging?
Far to long to know the actual year count. But V and I started Pretty Lovely Girls in January — and I am so glad we did.

2. Do you think you’ll still be blogging in 5 years?
The odds are pretty good. It feeds my soul — and I don’t think that feeling will end any time soon. I would love for this blog to still be around in 5 years with loads of new ideas and with lots of growth.

3. What is something you want to improve/change about your blog?
I would love to do more looks — I just feel like my iPhone doesn’t capture them well so I’m patiently waiting to get a good camera. Other than that I hope V and I are always changing and evolving but while still keeping our roots. Whats so fun about staying the same? 😉

4. Who do you hope you will still be blogging friends with in a few years?
Definitely Kayla — she’s a gem. Obviously V but we’ve been friends since high school so… Anyone I meet and have a connect with really. Come say hi!

5. Whet keeps you going when it comes to blogging?
I love taking the photos and I love writing so really everything. If I keep consistent with it I never want to stop but if I let myself slow down it can be easy to forget how fun it is and how awesome it feels to accomplish a post.

6. Where do you find inspiration when you’re stuck?
My favourite blogs and my Bloglovin’ feed — where else? haha

I tag the following lovelies!

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Anyone else that wants to take part — PLEASE SO!

Stay lovely,
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