Quick n’ Lovely Review: e.l.f Studio Complete Coverage Concealer


It’s been awhile since my last post, and thanks again to T for holding up the fort effortlessly as I was swamped with work the last week and half or so. Anywho, back to it!


T and I did a mini e.l.f shop a few weeks back and I was able to pick up my share of the products this weekend. After testing them out I figured I would do a quick review on the Studio Complete Coverage Concealer palette today (Light).

Firstly, of course the insanely expensive $3 pricetag had me skeptical about the whole purchase (hah..). I’ve had some really good luck with e.l.f in the past, and I’ve recently been on the hunt for more variety in my concealer collection as I get more and more ‘diverse’ in my makeup practice. So I saw this and figured why not try it! Especially at that price.



– The Look –

Packaging is typical e.l.f super light and cheap feeling black plastic case. But I can’t say I don’t like it…As someone who is on the go quite often I can always appreciate a product that is super light and compact. The case has a very tight clasp and so I always can be sure it is closed, which is another thing that I always look out for in a product. The size of mirror in the package isn’t the best – but I’m just glad that there is one there at all, as sometimes they don’t even bother to add one. Applicator is just a regular cheap flat head brush that I will never use. Sometimes I just wish these companies would stop adding the applicators and make room for more product instead, since who the heck really uses them anyway?!

– Smell and Feel –
No unusual smell that I can detect, other than a normal makeup smell… if that makes any sense! The concealers are much creamier than I initially expected them to be. I was anticipating them to be extremely stiff and to need much warming up before application – but I was pleasantly surprised.

– Functionality –
I must say that I am quite impressed with this little packaging of camouflage for my too often sleep deprivation. The two lightest shades in the bunch are most definitely accurate for my undereye area, espeically when I mix both of them together. I added a bit of the other two to try and do some around the face concealing and it was okay – but I am more than sure that I will get better use of these two once summer hits and I (hopefully) will have a bit more colour to my face. They apply quite creamy, and feel surprisingly close to my Mac Studio Finish Concealer upon application. They are not something that I would use a brush for application as they’re a bit too creamy. I always find that my ring finger is my best friend when it comes to applying creamier under eye products, like my NARS Creamy Concealer, etc. Overall, the application is quite good and I am happy with the lack of cakey-look afterwards, as I have been someone who has struggled with concealers making me look cakey under the eyes. Staying power has been good – it’s been now about 5 hours since application and it hasn’t moved, with no primer. Apologies for the funny looks of the photos below of the differences – clearly you can distinguish between my left eye with concealer, other with no makeup. Took them in three different lights within my house, natural, artificial, no light.

Comparision - Natural Light, mid day

Comparision – Natural Light, mid day

Comparison - artificial light

Comparison – artificial light

Comparison - no light, living room mid day

Comparison – no direct light, living room mid day

– Downsides –
I don’t think I can say anything negative about this product – especially given its price point. Good coverage, useful colour range (for my skin tone – but the darker palettes look quite giving as well), and good staying power…for $3!

Would I recommend?
Absolutely. If you are looking to extend your range in concealer tones and don’t have a lot of money to spend, than this may be perfect for you. Taking into consideration the cost of the product, I give this an A+ for value. I honestly can’t even tell the difference of this versus my MAC concealer…

Have you tried any e.l.f products? What’s your favourite?