Quick n’ Lovely Review: Hourglass Aura Sheer Lip Stain


Hey Pretty Lovelies!

I went on a hunt over the holidays for lip stains, because I really didn’t want to have to constantly re-apply my lips throughout the work day and I wanted to look nice and fresh.

V had mentioned Hourglass to me, I think something about their lipsticks? And I was browsing their products when I saw their lip stains. I was so excited, so I got two colours — Flush and Scarlet.


– The Look –
I’m digging the sleek shiny grey packaging. I like the applicator, it feels nice and it distributes the product well. One of the great things about this stain is that its build-able, it doesn’t totally overpower your lip in one swipe (well depending on the colour, I’m looking at you Scarlet). You can wear it at a variety of styles, bold and flawless or a touch of colour. Flush is a bold berry pink that I absolutely love. While Scarlet is a plum and very fashion forward.





– Smell and Feel –
The smell is… well it smells like make-up. Honestly I’m not sure how to describe it, but it (the smell) doesn’t stay so don’t worry you wont be smelling it the whole time you’re wearing it. The feel is pretty drying actually. It doesn’t feel rich or creamy, it just feels like you’re spreading liquid on your lips. But being a sufferer of dry lips, it doesn’t seem to bug me all that much. It stings a little bit at first but once it dries it feels fine. Throughout the day I need to put some lip chap on, which is fine by me.


– Functionality –
As mentioned I love the applicator. The staying power is pretty damn great. It fades throughout the day but at the end of an eight hour work shift I’ve still got some colour, which I love. In fact the Scarlet, upon first try, seriously stained my lips for like 24 hours. I tried make-up remover, Vaseline, exfoliating. This shit wanted to stay put. So if you are going to go for a BOLD colour like Scarlet, be ready to really rock it, there is no going back. You can see below how it goes on and then how much it has stained even though I used make-up remover.



– Downsides –
Its a bit drying and can REALLY stain in the dark colour so be careful about that. Also you’ll want to be really careful when applying because if you miss, you’ll have a hell of a time getting the purple splotch off of your face… Flush is A LOT more forgiving.

Would I recommend?
YES! If you are looking for a stain, this product is great. If you are prone to dry lips, test it out, wear it for a day and see how it feels.

Have you tried any stains? PLEASE tell me about them, I want more!

Stay lovely,
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